Anti-cancer medicine – Ligustrum lucidum

By | May 2, 2012

Anti-cancer medicine – Ligustrum lucidum, Oleaceae evergreen tree of the strains of the mature plant privet fruit. Sweet, bitter, cool; the liver and kidney. Nourishing the liver and kidney, high waist and knee, out eyes and ears. Treating kidney cancer, bone cancer, brain tumors, leukemia, etc.; radiotherapy and chemotherapy induced leukopenia; liver and kidney by heat. 10-15g, decoction. Spleen Deficiency diarrhea, Yang were hanged.
[Clinical application]
1. Rule of lung cancer re-Building, Ligustrum lucidum, diffusa, light bamboo each 30g, walnut body 60g. Shuijianbi day one. ("Cancer remedy")
2. Governance cancer Codonopsis l5g, arrested concubine l5g, Ligustrum lucidum l5g, acetabular surgery ravioli, ravioli sub-Wan silk, psoralen 9g. Shuijianbi day I, sub-2 doses. ("Anti-cancer medicine thousand square")
3. Lucidum treatment of breast cancer 30g, 3 ravioli seaweed, kelp 30g, cassia seed 30g, decoction, 1 day, 2 times service. ("Great Chinese cancer treatment")
4. Governance bladder cancer complanatus, Hill arrowhead of the 15g, Ligustrum lucidum, Loranthaceae, Polyporus, diffusa each 30g. Shuijianbi day one. (PLA General Hospital side)
5. Radiotherapy treatment, chemotherapy-induced leukopenia Ligustrum lucidum 15 ravioli, Solanum nigrum 60g, Shuijianbi. (The capital of Medicine, 2002,12) ravioli 150 Ligustrum lucidum, Astragalus 1500g, made of 1000, each 10 pm, 3 times a day. (New Chinese Medicine, 2003,12) Ligustrum 40g, Shuijianbi 3 times a day, 1-2 months for a course, mortar cells increased 70% decrease 0 (Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 1990, 2)
Experience compatibility
This product is usually prepared with Eclipta prostrata, nourishing Yin, clearing heat and cooling blood, radiation treatment, chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia; with Epimedium, Cynomorium, Millettia, radiation treatment, chemotherapy-induced leukopenia; with Eclipta grass, son arrested worship, wrong thread son of the late liver and kidney cancer treatment.
Pharmacological effects
1. Antitumor effect of Ligustrum lucidum could inhibit U14 cervical tumor strain, inhibition rate was 49.2%; ("Dictionary of Chinese Herbal Medicine" on the liver (Hzz) entity type and entity type of sarcoma S180 in mice inhibited the The inhibition rate of 37.5% -48.32%. but Ligustrum lucidum extract on Hzz liver, S180 ascites sarcoma-free life-prolonging effect. (Jiangsu Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, 2002,1)
2. Antimutagenic Ligustrum lucidum cyclophosphamide on mutagens discretion of plastic and urethane-induced chromosome damage and cell mutation effects are protective. ("Anti-cancer Pharmacology and Applications")
3. Lucidum can enhance the immune regulation of cellular immunity and humoral immune function; (Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine, 1987,6) Ligustrum lucidum polysaccharides on specific cellular immunity in normal mice significantly affected element, the first group of cyclophosphamide plastic induced immunosuppression in mice can enhance immune function; (Pharmacology and clinical, 2001,2) Ligustrum lucidum polysaccharides in a certain range of concentration can significantly increase the secretion of lL-2 lymphocyte capacity, but high concentration (100g/mD yuan a significant role. (Shanghai Journal of Immunology) perennial herb of the Asteraceae strains roots acetabular surgery. ignorant of the bitter, sweet, warm; the spleen and stomach. spleen dampness, diuresis tocolysis. treating gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer and tumor surgery; radiotherapy and chemotherapy induced gastrointestinal adverse reactions. oral: 5g-l0g, Shuijianbi.
1. Governance gastric Atractylodes 20g, a single wood (hang pieces) l5g, wood lag, Dragon 2. Shuijianbi day one. ("Ordinary's anti-cancer prescription") Atractylodes, Pinellia, corrugated son of the 30g, woody, Blood of the 9g, realgar ravioli, the drug mixture of very fine research. Divided into 30, each 1, 3 times a day, water delivery service. Treatment of advanced gastric cancer 30 cases, total effective rate was 76.7%.
2. Atractylodes cancer treatment, Dianthus superbus the l5g, Codonopsis, night Ling, licorice all 9g. Decoction, served on the 2nd. ("Anti-cancer treatment experience Materia Medica")
3. Acetabular surgery of cervical cancer treatment, white British and mortar flower snake tongue grass, vine pear root of the 30g. Water Jianzhi, day 1, 3 times service. ("Anti-cancer medicine")
4. Governance kidney Atractylodes 30g, Huang Jing 30g, Achyranthes 30g, hawthorn 20g, Polyporus 30g. Decoction, 1 day, 2 times service. ("Great Chinese cancer treatment")
5. Atractylodes leukemia treatment, yellow people, Rehmanniae, Gynostemma, Rhizoma Imperatae, Daqingye the 30g, decoction, 1 day, 3 times service. ("Anti-cancer medicine")
Experience compatibility
This product often with yellow funeral, ginseng, spleen tonic, cure and prevention of various advanced tumors after chemotherapy gastrointestinal reactions; with Tianma, Pinellia, cure brain tumors; with grass Wei child, treatment of lung cancer pleural effusion; with the herb, treatment of lung cancer, sputum greasy fur; with Sophora, Cork, cure cancer; with vegetables surgery, peach kernel, system of frankincense, myrrh system, treatment of cervical cancer pain lower abdomen; with the right to housing, treatment of tumor qi stagnation bloating; with aconite, ginger, pepper eyes, vomiting, cold extremities treatment of gastric cancer.
Anti-cancer medicine – Ligustrum pharmacological effects
1. Anti-tumor effect of volatile oil Hzz transplanted liver cancer in mice and mouse sarcoma S180 was significantly inhibited, the inhibition rates were 51.6%, 53.2% 0 (China drugs and clinical, 2002,4)
2. Immune enhancement since the surgery can stimulate antibody production in mice, on the leaching rate and transfer rate of macrophage obviously promote; (Binzhou Medical College, 2003,5) Atractylodes has elevated the role of IL-l, antagonize the cyclic plastic immune injury in mice. (Journal of Immunology, 2003,11)

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