Differential Treatment of Lymphoma

By | May 1, 2012

Differential Treatment of lymphoma, (1) Han Tan condensation type
Main symptoms: neck, ears or under the armpits, groin multiple swollen nucleus, superficial, skin-color as usual, hard as stone, not accompanied by fever, cold limbs, looking Shaohua, Shenpi fatigue, malaise and self- sweating, pale tongue fur is thin, thin pulse.
Governing Law: Wen of Han Tan, nourishing blood.
Recipe: Yang and Tang, "Surgery of the whole health set of" addition and subtraction. Rehmannia l5g Mustard Seed l2g 6g cinnamon lag Bao Jiang ephedra 6g 9g Lujiaojiao Health licorice 6g.
Yi Fang: Rehmannia Warming camp blood, in the Fang King and medicine; Lujiaojiao and warm, as sentient beings of flesh and blood products, spermatogenic make pulp, nourishing and yang, strong bones and muscles, as minister in the prescription drug; Bao Jiang, cinnamon broken yin and yang, warm meridians; ephedra, Mustard Seed Powder stagnation and Phlegm yang end, multi-drug combination can make blood Nobumichi, and because the cultivated land, antler supplement but not greasy, the prescription for the Junior medicine; licorice students with detoxification, to reconcile the various drugs in the prescription order for drugs. Various drugs, both nourishing purposes, meaning there Warming. Thus, the only yang and blood, Xuan-blood, phlegm and cold mood, eliminate phlegm knot.
Modified: The yang side lies cold, blood Tongmai, in the clinical application should be characteristic for this syndrome may be added BNI of the goods, such as Astragalus, Codonopsis, Angelica, white Gou, Millettia other; if temper weakness, loss of appetite, could add fried Atractylodes, Citrus, was Ling, Jiao Sansen, etc.; Han Tan condensate, sputum, Transimpedance marks, could add Pinellia) / 1 turn, safflower, peach kernel, etc. ; sputum nuclear hard as stone can add Dioscorea bulbifera, turtle shell, Salvia, Zhejiang Fritillaria and so on.
(2) qi sputum junction
Main symptoms: neck, ears, the groin or armpit have multiple swollen nucleus, superficial, skin color change, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, shortness of breath, limbs, fatigue, thirst, dry throat, hot flashes, night sweats, irritability , chest and abdomen Fullness, or have Xiong Xie pain, dry stool, urine short red, red tongue, little coating, pulse is taut.
Governing Law: qi Jieyu, liver Sanjie.
Recipe: CHSGS ("Jing Yue Quan Shu"), addition and subtraction. Bupleurum l2g right shell 9g ag Hang Citrus White River Dome How l2g Cyperus lag lag licorice 6g.
Fang Yi: Bupleurum, Hang Bai Gou owned by the liver, liver qi stagnation, and to heat, in the Fang King and medicine; product shell, dried tangerine peel sparse diarrhea temper Cypriot lag and adjust the focus of the transportation and transformation, in order to the source of phlegm in the prescription drugs for the minister; Cyperus liver and gas. Qiong blood line marks the power of both qi to help strengthen the liver qi stagnation of the monarch drugs work, in the prescription for the adjuvant; licorice from illicit sexual relations with both urgency and pain, but also to reconcile the various drugs in the prescription order for medicine. Various drugs with liver and spleen, through Jieyu heat, and the priorities, Qi and relieve pain effect.
Modified: The Results of the Treatment of Liver phlegm syndrome is more appropriate, but this node syndrome phlegm than qi, but also both Qi Deficiency, it is arguably the provisional license to be added in the nourishing of the goods, such as sight, Codonopsis, raw Rehmannia, Yuan participation, etc.; sputum Results heavier, can be added Breit, mother of pearl, oyster spider, etc.; liver qi stagnation, depressive symptoms of severe heat, could join Bupleurum product shell, Cyperus rotundus, turmeric, etc.; liver depression and spleen, loss of appetite, could join the rich Po, Amomum, coke Sansen, etc.; if sputum mark each end, epilepsy, tumor volume, could Jia Ruchuan 13, pick kernels, safflower , Tri, I surgery and so on.
(3) deficiency type marks sputum
Main symptoms: emaciation, abdominal distension hospital pain, poor appetite eat less, thirst, dry throat, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, nausea nuclear achievements, epilepsy, epilepsy accumulation, dry stool, red tongue, little coating, or a mark spots breakdown pulse.
Governing Law: Kidney and Liver, phlegm phlegm.
Recipe: Zhuanggu pills ("Danxi Heart") addition and subtraction. Phellodendron Rehmannia l5g shells lag lag lag Anemarrhena Citrus Cynomorium lag lag lag white Qiao Jiao (on behalf of the bones) lOg ginger 6g.
Fang Yi: Treats the bitter cold to diarrhea and kidney Qing Xu hot fire in the King and prescription drugs; Rehmannia, shells, Anemarrhena, white Gou Yin and blood, liver and kidney tonic, and the cork with the use of the purging fire without Shangyin , nourished and not Liuzhi, as minister in the prescription drug; more to nourish Yin and Blood donkey-hide gelatin. strong bones and muscles, Cynomorium yang essence, with ginger, orange peel warming middle invigorating spleen, and stomach qi, so that the side AIDS but not greasy, make without delay, in the prescription drugs for the assistant and courier. Various drugs, with Yin Jiang Huo, Kidney Liver and effect.
Modified: The party tyranny liver and kidney and Hot endogenous the syndrome, but based on the actual situation when clinical syndrome characteristic mixture, optionally adding blood phlegm drugs, such as Sichuan 13, peach kernel, safflower , triangular, table technique, earthworm, Pinellia, Fritillaria, bile magnitude; spleen and stomach, food is not satisfied that Hong could add Shih Po, Amomum, etc.; Spleen sluggish End Valley is not based, abdominal pain, diarrhea, additive Bao Jiang, Yuan Hu, aggregata, Chi Shizhi and so on.
Differential Treatment of lymphoma (4), both yin and yang deficiency syndrome
Main symptoms: emaciation, thirst, dry throat, hot flashes, night sweats and sweating. Aversion to cold, evil nuclear achievements, epilepsy vessels accumulate, dry stool, pale tongue mortar, thin pulse.
Governing Law: It is yin yang, liver and kidney tonic.
Recipe: Pill "Golden Chamber" addition and subtraction. Ling Huang 15g dry night Alisma 109 109 109 mountain yam 12g meat Officials paeonol branch bucket 109 Aconite Gui 9g 6g.
Fang Yi: dry Huang Yin and kidney, in the Fang King and medicine; Hill British meat, yam, liver and kidney essence and blood tonic, and a small tuber, Guizhi warm kidney yang, aimed at slightly fire, encouraged by the kidney, in prescription drugs for the minister; night Ling, Alisma, Dan coordination liver and spleen. Various drugs have Warming yang effect. Yin and yang side with the drug combination drug, the concept of "good yang who will from Yin Yang, the Yin Yang was to help the biological limit" of Chinese medicine theory.
Modified: yin and yang of the side post-conditioning lines, in the clinical application of the actual situation when mixed in accordance with this license, and can be selective in the prescription drugs mark the line to join the phlegm, such as Sichuan, Salvia, peach kernel, safflower, Tri, I surgery, to dragons, Pinellia, Citrus, gall star, mother of pearl, etc.; Spleen weakness, loss of appetite, plus Shih Po, villosum, Bao Jiang, Huangwa etc.; spleen deficiency, End Valley is not based, abdominal pain, diarrhea could add Yuan Hu, aggregata, Chi Shizhi, peel, Chun root bark and so on.

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