The clinical manifestations of cough

By | March 25, 2012

Clinical manifestations of cough (1) the nature of cough: a cough without phlegm or sputum little, said dry cough, found in lung cancer , radiation pneumonitis, acute throat and bronchial inflammation in the early part, pleurisy, throat and tuberculosis, mitral stenosis, Primary pulmonary hypertension and other power pulse, chronic because of endotracheal tumor, external compression of the trachea, bronchus, lung fibrosis and diffuse lung congestion caused by heart failure. Called wet cough accompanied by sputum, found in chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, lung Edition swollen, bronchiectasis, air and tuberculosis, bronchial pleurisy and so on.
Clinical manifestations of cough (2) cough and laws of the time: sudden onset of coughing, is common in acute pharyngitis caused by irritating gases, trachea and bronchus, the bifurcation of the trachea or bronchial stimulation of oppression (such as lymph node tuberculosis, cancer ), etc.; a small number of bronchial asthma, can be expressed as episodes of coughing, the smell of Abnormal smell or prone at night, and no obvious respiratory distress (cough variant asthma hum.) Severe cough at night may be due to post-nasal drainage, bronchiectasis, heart failure, at the Ministry of regret because of room, causing esophageal obstruction, or split the Confucius Temple. Pa chronic cough, more common in chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary cyst, pulmonary Edition swelling, tuberculosis, cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis go far. In addition, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and lung Edition swollen and so on, or night coughing so often exacerbated when the change in position, and with expectoration, chronic bronchitis, often, the cold season increase, reduce or mitigate the climate gets warmer. Left heart failure, pulmonary tuberculosis is extremely significant between the cough, lung congestion may increase at night and increases the excitability of the vagus nerve cloth off.
Clinical manifestations of cough (3) cough sounds and features: cough, hoarseness, common in the larynx, vocal cords night, laryngitis, laryngeal tuberculosis, and recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis; metal tone cough, seen in longitudinal tumor, aortic aneurysm, or bronchial cancer lymphoma, sarcoidosis, compression of the trachea, etc.; throat after cough did not make sense sometimes prompted fresh pharynx or larynx cancer; paroxysmal cough accompanied by a high-profile suction echo series (such as the cock-like cough), seen in whooping cough, disease and tracheal compression will larynx; cough sounds low or silent, or vocal cord paralysis seen in patients with extremely bad.
Clinical manifestations of cough (4) associated symptoms: cough with fever were more common in the respiratory system (upper respiratory, lower respiratory tract) infections, pleurisy, tuberculosis, etc.; with chest pain, as a species more common in pneumonia, pleurisy, lung cancer, pulmonary infarction and spontaneous pneumothorax, etc.; with breathing difficulties, found in laryngeal cancer, laryngeal edema, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, severe pneumonia, tuberculosis, a large pleural effusion, pneumothorax and pulmonary congestion, pulmonary edema, tracheal and bronchial foreign bodies, etc.; with a large number of services sputum, lung version of swelling seen in bronchiectasis, pulmonary infection and bronchial pleural cyst with thin, etc.; with hemoptysis, found in the trachea of lung cancer, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary version of swelling, mitral stenosis, trachea stones, stone disease and pulmonary alveolar micro- hemosiderosis disorder; kind of like (toe), mainly found in lung cancer, bronchiectasis, pulmonary version of swelling (especially chronic) and the version of chest, etc.; with whooping woo sound, found in bronchial asthma, chronic bronchial asthmatic, diffuse panbronchiolitis, cardiac asthma, trachea and bronchial material, can also be found in the trachea and bronchial cancer caused by large bronchial not completely blocked, the limitations of distribution of wheezing was inspiratory.
Clinical manifestations of cough (5) the degree of cough: Qingke General Tips respiratory and lung disease with mild to severe or severe cough more common in severe respiratory and lung diseases, such as the Advanced Centre for lung cancer, acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, pulmonary close swollen, long-term severe persistent dry cough, but no whooping woo sound check, may be prominent in some patients with asthma symptoms.
Clinical manifestations of cough (6) cough complications: severe and persistent coughing can lead to increased intrathoracic pressure, reducing the intracranial venous reflux caused by pressure of the moment, and some patients may cough dizziness or headache, and some pertussis , bronchial asthma, chronic asthmatic bronchitis patients, because of severe coughing, the vagus nerve through the day because of vomiting reflex, individual patients may be due to sustained rib fractures caused by severe coughing and mediastinal emphysema, so that the original Temple of diseases such as shares , inguinal oblique Park sicker.

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