Western medicine treatment of cough

By | March 25, 2012

Because cough is a total performance of multi-system disease, so the treatment can not be limited to cough, but should treat the primary disease. Treatment, and treatment according to the original purpose of argument, take appropriate treatment. For dying patients, the purpose should be belly let comfort, therefore, a wet cough but too weak and can not be completed effective cough patients, should be used cough agent to make the cough disappeared. Suction is generally not recommended, as it will be more painful than that of asthma.
Western medicine treatment of cough (1) General treatment: to avoid harmful stimuli, to maintain air circulation, high fever down brush, irritability, sedation, oxygen oxygen, when the fluid supply of nutrition support therapy, to maintain quality of balance of hydrolysis, correct acidosis, explain to the patient cough can be alleviated, the patient maintain proper posture. Pleural or pericardial puncture layout should be integrated version.
Western medicine treatment of cough (2) due to treatment
1) infection: the use of antibiotics, guidance expectoration;
2) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: use of bronchodilators, such as satin plastic squatting corticosteroids;
3) drug-induced are required to stop or dressing;
4) of saliva inhaled: The anti-cholinergic drugs reduce saliva secretion;
5) lung cancer: cancer and hormone;
6) heart failure: diuretics, digoxin.
Western medicine treatment of cough (3) antitussives: opiates such as cocaine (30 – 60mg ,3-4 times / d, morphine (3 – 5mg ,3-4 times / d). Other dihydrocodeine and the United States with local anesthetics, such as Sha Tin, lidocaine, bupivacaine, and many more line of spray delivery; spray Tovey (carbetapentane): 25mg, 3 times / d.
(4) mood of sputum drug: chloride coated (0.3 – 0.8, 3 times / d), since large doses can stimulate the stomach. Nebulized saline or terbutaline can improve the cough.

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