Pathological cause of cough

By | March 26, 2012

Etiology and pathology of cough, cough cough center is adjacent to the medulla oblongata by stimulation of the respiratory system caused by stimulation from the outside organs (such as brain, ears, internal organs), but mostly from the respiratory mucosa, lung and pleura, the vagus nerve, because the tongue trigeminal nerve and the sensory fibers successor. Efferent nerve fibers from the laryngeal nerve, phrenic nerve and spinal nerves, respectively, pharyngeal muscle impulses, glottis, muscle and other respiratory muscles leap, causing coughing action.
Etiology and pathology of cough, cough first rapid short breathing, chest muscles down, glottal closure, then the respiratory muscles, brain and rapid contraction of the abdominal muscles, so that the rapid increase in pulmonary pressure, and then suddenly opening the glottis, lungs high pressure air jet out, the impact fracture and the occurrence of glottal cough can movements and cerebral cortex, the occurrence of cough, people are free.
1. Respiratory bronchioles from the nasopharynx to the respiratory tract mucosa by the stimulation, the can cause cough. Constitutive-like stimulus effects of the laryngeal cavity and the trachea between the most sensitive sub-hit film. Lung irritation due to cough, generally considered to be the alveolar en thin secretions, exudate, caused leak into the small bronchi, and distribution of nerve endings are stimulated, especially by chemical stimulation. Various infections, over-reaction, physical (such as foreign bodies, secretions, cold and hot air, pressure, etc.), chemical (irritant industrial gases ammonia, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, phosgene, a volatile inhalation of sulfuric acid, a enzyme, absorption smoke, etc.) factors, stimulate the pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchus; mucosa were bite cough, and alveolar exudates in the bronchioles into only when and cough. Cough is the most common symptoms of lung cancer, central lung cancer is more prominent, the tumor close to the bulge, there are irritating cough, may have a small amount of white foam sputum; lung cancer also may have a large number of new sputum fluid, with continuous tumor increasing pressure to make bamboo cavity bronchial narrowing, increased cough, or recover from illness was twin of paroxysmal cough, and secondary pulmonary infection City, moving liquid version appears cough sputum. After radiotherapy of lung radiation pneumonitis, pulmonary fibrosis can cause a dry cough.
2. Pleural diseases such as pleural mesothelioma, pleurisy or pleural irritation such as spontaneous or traumatic pneumothorax, pleural puncture, etc., causing cough.
3. Leap the tumor, peritoneal cancer to stimulate cross-leap.
4. Cough caused by cardiovascular disease cardiovascular disease, primarily found in severe cases, such as enlargement of the heart, malignant pericardial effusion caused by lung compression, Wen Qi Repentance and cause coughing, or because of heart failure caused by pulmonary edema, bronchial edema And so from the cough; due to right heart and systemic circulation or amniotic fluid loss vein thrombosis, air embolism, tumor thrombus, from pulmonary embolism, pulmonary and bronchial exudate within the leak or to stimulate the alveolar wall caused by anti-bronchial cough Bo membrane. Cough can be found in the heart of their disease, but also see the result of factors outside the heart of heart failure, such as acute nephritis caused by heart failure brush, shock, shock lung and shock caused by heart disease caused by cardiac connective tissue of a pericarditis.
5. Central nervous system factors transmitted from the cerebral cortex of the medullary cough impulse given hub, can easily lead to or inhibit the cough reflex cough, encephalitis, meningitis, cough may also be present.
6. Lung injury caused by chemotherapy drugs, such as pulmonary fibrosis and glory to generate neomycin cough, captopril, enalapril and other drugs for the treatment of heart failure, sparking a dry cough.
7. Esophageal reflux.
8. Saliva inhalation of motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis.
9. Allergic factors of allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, cotton pneumoconiosis, hot eosinophil cell histiocytosis, Lvfu sulfur syndrome, hay fever, swelling, etc. angioneurotic month.
10. Cough and other factors that cause breast pathology leg swelling, chest Park, esophageal tracheal thin, Wegener granulomatous disease, leukemia, Hodgkin disease, and connective tissue diseases such as uremia induced lung infiltration.

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