TCM clinical diagnosis of esophageal cancer

By | April 3, 2012

TCM clinical diagnosis of esophageal cancer, according to Chinese medicine theory of Pan "has all, the outside will form and spirit" and the viscera, the meridian theory and other theories, of 800 cases have been confirmed (including esophageal cancer, gastric cancer , stomach, liver , liver disease, colon cancer, bowel disease and healthy individuals of 100 cases), through the eyes, ears, lips, tongue, body, etc. A consultation carried out in the clinical validation and assessment, the accuracy rate of 82%. Later in the clinical trial, through the double-blind controlled study of preoperative and postoperative pathological diagnosis consistent with the control, hospital consultation of difficult cases, on-site assessment and other methods to verify a total of 304 cases, the accuracy rate of 75 of this Law %. Tongue which meet the highest rate of esophageal cancer.
In 100 cases of esophageal cancer diagnosis of the observed to the eye clinic: the upper surface of blood vessels in the eye, where there is transverse blood vessels, so blood vessels are positive to show U-shaped, about 57%; eye on the lower half of the conjunctiva show " A "shaped vein revealed as positive, 35%; ear diagnosis: unilateral ear area corresponding local uplift is positive, 33%; unilateral ear area corresponding local depression as positive, accounting for 21%. Lip diagnosis: the purple patch on the lower lip mucosa, skin color Zihei not higher than, the pressure of the non-fading, the diameter of 0.2_0.6cm, can be single or multiple simultaneous who are positive, accounting for 48%. Tongue: purple or blue tongue accompanied by presentation marks spot, mark points, accounting for 70%. Physical diagnosis: trunk white (referring to the chest, around the xiphoid, abdomen, back, waist)-positive, accounting for 62%. Minister shoulder hair (common in the back and shoulder bones and the surrounding Dazhui) were positive, accounting for 10%. A diagnosis: the longitudinal finger nail bed, color shades, thickness range; deep are displayed in black, light colors were rendered dried, a means or refers to one or several at the same time there is positive, accounting for 39%. Based on the above observations, if the body of tongue diagnosis + ear clinic ten, three positive when the lesion clinic located in the esophagus; bluish black tongue combined base of the tongue papillae increases were significantly higher than the tongue, consider esophageal lesions.
TCM clinical diagnosis of esophageal cancer, Li Peiwen on typical symptoms and by cytology, pathology, X ray or more items or items of patients diagnosed with esophageal and cardiac Tongue 500 cases, observation time is about 2 hours after a meal, will tongue is divided into pale, pink, red, purple 4 class will be divided into thin white tongue apricot, thin yellow, white thick, yellow fur five kinds of thickness and element. As a result, 178 patients purple, accounting for 35.6%; red 150 cases, 30%; purple, red, 65.6% of the total number of cases. Thick yellow coating of esophageal cancer 148 cases 29.6%; white thick fur 88 cases, accounting for 17.6%. Purple tongue is an important indicator of bloodstain cards, in esophageal cancer patients, more common purple tongue. Xu Ling child said: Preserved choke a disease, "there must be marks of blood, sputum stubborn against the gas barrier Stomach."
TCM clinical diagnosis of esophageal cancer research, clinical observations also show that esophageal cancer group the largest proportion of those purple tongue, and more to the late, purple tongue occurrence rate is also higher. Purple tongue was based on clinical observations, the more the pain associated with more severe swallowing, choking stems, chest tightness and other symptoms, careful examination, often can be found in Pat tumor metastasis. According to clinical observations, patients with early esophageal cancer with the highest proportion of pale red, late purple were managed with the highest proportion. The deepening purple tongue can often reflect the degree of deterioration of tumors. In the course of treatment, such as turn pink or purple tongue by the turn out from the dark run, fur from thick to thin, or transferred by the thin white coating without coating are shown disease in turn, is transformed for the better. Instead the reverse, showing the disease to the bad aspects of development, should be alert to tumor metastasis, proliferation, perforation or bleeding occurs. If the course of treatment remain unchanged in pink fur, much more significant effect, it resembles a good prognosis, according to clinical observation.

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