Advances in chemotherapy of esophageal cancer

By | April 3, 2012

Although the past 20 years, rapid progress in chemotherapy for esophageal cancer, generally considered to previous chemotherapy on esophageal cancer had no significant effect of the situation has changed greatly, but there are still many problems restricting further increase the level of esophageal cancer.
Advances in chemotherapy of esophageal cancer, first of all, the current chemotherapy of esophageal cancer more sensitive to moderate or low, the anti-tumor effect of chemotherapy is not strong selectivity, coupled with the degree of differentiation between the majority of esophageal cancer of squamous cell carcinoma larger , and there is resistance and other factors, so that chemotherapy of esophageal cancer is difficult to improve and strengthen the development of new drugs, selective screening of esophageal cancer drug resistance and not easy to help improve the efficacy of combination chemotherapy for esophageal cancer, 3 new drug research in recent years, most attention is that of paclitaxel, an American scholar Ajani et al 1994 years Since clinical trials of paclitaxel H studies have shown that a single agent for esophageal cancer reached 32%.
Scholars from various countries are currently on Taxol-based combination chemotherapy in the treatment of esophageal cancer clinical research scandal, China's Henan Medical University Affiliated paclitaxel Island fluorouracil ongoing strategic Anhui, LV, DDP, ADM and other chemotherapy drugs in combination treatment of esophageal cancer brain network study, preliminary results have shown the efficacy of several combinations of options were more than 60%, the exact effect of further expanding the number of cases yet to be made after the evaluation.
Advances in chemotherapy of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer combined with chemotherapy is currently the design is based on multi-phase system of chemotherapy drugs and toxicity of different characteristics, combined with the experience gained in clinical studies, the reference in vitro susceptibility testing and animal testing and other aspects of the design , one of the many uncertainties, in vitro test results often appear inconsistent results and clinical application, which screened for the clinical efficacy of chemotherapy better considerable increase in the difficulty, therefore, to find a proven scientific method to clinical drug combination chemotherapy is urgently needed to resolve the problem, if according to some scientific method to achieve esophageal cancer chemotherapy into the real individual design stage, will hope to make plastic esophageal cancer chemotherapy clinical efficiency has been greatly improved.

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