TCM clinical treatment of esophageal cancer

By | April 3, 2012

Clinical treatment of esophageal cancer medicine, Song Hongen gecko with prescription alcohol treatment of esophageal cancer compound 42, obtained a significant effect. The prescription consists of: wine 1000mI, Ze paint 100g, gecko 50g (available in summer live gecko 10), eaves Paper 50g, tin block 50g, sterilized containers were loaded (disabled iron, aluminum), daily stirring 2 times Note seal. Immersion 5_7 days, filter out the dregs, sit for 2 days to take. 3 times a day, every 25_50mI; half an hour before serving, warm clothes for cold weather. To eat, each time 2g adjustable clothes and looking lizard skin powder powder 19. 1971 by the Ministry of Health to develop a unified national Chinese medicine treatment of malignant tumors to develop interim evaluation standard, the cure rate was 30.95%, the clinical cure rate was 45.24%, effective rate is 16.67 <Yc). Invalid was 7.14%, the total efficiency of 92.86%.
Esophageal cancer clinical study traditional Chinese medicine, the use of self Maji Fu octagonal gold compound responsible for the door panel of esophageal cancer treating 178 patients achieved satisfactory results. The party consists of: octagonal gold plate 10g, Sapporo, August 3, bait, stone see through 15g, impatient l5g, barbata 15g, Salvia miltiorrhiza 12g, green wood 10g, raw mountain orange 12g, 1 day Shuijianbi. This side has the blood scattered epilepsy, detoxification swelling, qi and blood circulation, negatively San lag effect. 5-year survival was observed in seven of 25 patients, there were 67 cases survived 3_5, 2_3, there were 72 cases of survival, survival 1_2 years and no significant effect in 14 patients, 3 years survival rate was 51.6%. Therefore, this Fangdui Yan Long esophageal cancer patients had a marked effect on survival.
Dong Shuliang his father became a doctor concluded the experience of cancer nearly five years with great concentration, that flaming toxic heat, consumption of yin fluid as the main pathogenesis, treatment, intended to detoxify, Health and body fluid, combined with qi, promoting blood circulation by the law marks. Choice of fresh reed rhizome hereby Yin heat, each agent can 250_500g; second choice of pollen, stone arena, aspartate and other yin of the product. Detoxification drug of choice honeysuckle, forsythia team, the British public, to the wayside. Especially Caulis Lonicerae is excellent, each dose of common 30_l20g. Optional add hot Shenzhe Huang Ling, Coptis, Phellodendron, hammers. Lymph nodes are available with kelp, seaweed, Prunella to Endometriosis. Stomach did not fall, could use a small Decoction sedative Dingzhi, add coke Zaoren, Polygalaceae, lotus and other drugs not forget to righting the evil mouth method, it is with Wuhuang Min Fang, Codonopsis, Angelica, Rehmannia, Gou medicine.
Chinese clinical studies of esophageal cancer, Zheng Hongzhi Xie Liang Chen concluded his teacher old experience of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer, esophageal drink with Hoi San, and the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer, and more able to relieve symptoms, reduce pain and prolong survival. Radio's that damage the liver and spleen of Concerned angry, hot toxic invasion, internal and external evil that may cause air-against the chaos, venae Liao resistance, falling into the disease. So treatment is appropriate to detoxify, Jiangni qi, blood consumption page. The basic side (esophagus drink): barbata 30g, diffusa 30g, Liu Siphonostegia 30g, gold Buddha grass 10g, on behalf of the depiction Stone 30g, Chai Hu 10g, Xiang Fu 10g, turmeric 10g, fried right shell 10g, Radix 10g, Radix 10g, Yuan ginseng 10g, clear semi-10g, Danshen 10g. Another clear the way for San 3g (3 times blunt). Decoction and powder and thus the key is to take effect. If the esophagus or ulcerative gastric ulcer associated with those reductions or do not clear the way for scattered; esophageal tracheal and esophageal thin drink disable Hoi San (Hoi San: vinegar purple sand foundation 1000g, Zijin chain 1000g, borneol 10g, rot Hong 1g, joint research to fine, bottling standby).

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