Rehabilitation of cancer patients methods commonly used in entertainment

By | April 1, 2012

Rehabilitation of cancer patients methods commonly used in entertainment 1. Practicing Calligraphy: Calligraphy is not only writing characters, but also exercise. It can strengthen the arm muscle strength and control, improve range of motion, improve hand skills, flexibility, coordination and accuracy, but also encourage patients to play and create capacity, improve taste and distributed over the emotional distress of their heart.
2. Learning the same painting: the role and similar to calligraphy, a physical and mental exercise effect. A good farce, the Italian far-reaching, looking after the food for thought, giving the joy of beauty, especially in the face of his paintings, more particularly deep meaning.
3. Poems and hymns: a good poem, gently read, and can inspire people to forge ahead, dare to struggle, boost morale, increase with illness as a dogged determination to fight.
Rehabilitation of cancer patients commonly used method of entertainment 4. The next chess: chess is a mental exercise activity, the patient's attention can be shifted to other areas from the sick. Chess is an intellectual activity, regular participation, can enhance people's thinking ability and brain sensitivity.
5. Grow flowers and grass care: colorful flowers give people to enjoy the beauty. God of flowers, you can clear the brain and the body among the flowers home, give people a sense of thriving. Thus, cultivating flowers and trees can mold character, adjusting the balance of mental and physical activity on cancer patients have "peace of mind effect."
Rehabilitation of cancer patients methods commonly used in entertainment 6. Fishing repair of: fishing sports activities as a useful, stable, emotions, cultivate patience, exercise perseverance, therefore, for the poor cancer patients, irritability, a good calm mood effect. Cancer patients according to their physical condition, choose the right fishing spots, to prevent the cold, and within our capabilities.
7. Sightseeing tour: beautiful scenery, great rivers and mountains, the human spirit can play a good regulation, rule out the depressed people, open minded, is conducive to physical and psychological recovery. Everyone should be based on specific circumstances, select appropriate locations and projects the principle of no fatigue.
Rehabilitation of cancer patients methods commonly used in entertainment 8. Listen to music: Depending on the disease, choose the appropriate music for the purpose of regulating emotions. Such as depression, listening to lively music, relaxed mood, orange except sorrow; irritability, Xin slow melodious music, the elimination of tension, meditation soothe the nerves; have an inferiority complex, listening to the solemn music, gives rise to high positive emotion ; rage, annoyance, listening to soft music, to produce a warm loving feelings. Soul-stirring music can make people have stress, anxiety, cancer patients in general should not enjoy it.

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