Sex life of cancer patients can do

By | April 1, 2012

Sex life of cancer patients can do, in the period of cancer treatment, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can produce fatigue and a variety of adverse reactions, patients were frail, mental deficiency, is not sex life.
After cancer treatment, in stable condition, the body gradually recovered, then the requirements of a restorative of life is reasonable, it should be. However, patients often have a variety of concerns, such as cancer will not be transmitted by sex to the other, will not affect the sexual life because of cancer recurrence, and so leaving the body.
Sex life of cancer patients can do, in fact, these worries are unnecessary. Cancer is not transmitted through sexual life, sexual life will not result in the recurrence. However, the sex life to be moderate. The so-called moderate, that is, when the sex ended, he does not feel tired or exhausted. If the sex life appeared dizzy the next day, backache petrified, mental discomfort is not so good, it would have to be restrained.
The cancer itself does not cause sexual dysfunction, but the patient's life was a serious threat of cancer, the patient physical decline, depression, psychological burden, can cause psychological changes, which led to sexual problems. This requires the patient to understand the patient's spouse, with the patient to have a good sex life. If you do not understand, blame the patient, or even ask housing allocation, eating, which may cause tension in the family, affecting the patient's mood, so that the patient's immune function, leading to cancer recurrence.
Sex life of cancer patients can do, and love living with cancer patients, too harmonious and moderate sex life is beneficial to cancer patients in the treatment and rehabilitation.

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