Psychological responses of tumor patients

By | April 1, 2012

Common psychological reactions of cancer patients, tumor-induced psychological reactions are common. In general, the different stages of cancer patients have different psychological reactions. Some of these reactions are normal, patients can gradually adapt, while others may be abnormal, the patient can not adapt.
1. Psychological response characteristics: a common tumor patients generally strong negative psychological reactions. Psychological reaction in different stages of the disease have their own characteristics. Early diagnosis, cancer patients with anxiety, depression, fear and despair. Loss of appetite, sleep, behavior are abnormal, some are from the loss behavior, suicidal thoughts.
Common psychological reactions of cancer patients, followed by passive dependence increases, suspicion increased, exaggerated or excessive changes in body awareness, behavior becomes childish, self-esteem enhancement, hungry to care. Treatment and rehabilitation phase, patients on different treatment measures may have different psychological reactions, lack of confidence in treatment, such as to avoid surgery or to seek other solutions to worry about whether the disease can be cured. Recurrent stage: similar to diagnosis, treatment significantly reduced sense of trust, to seek other non-medical treatment is more common. Ultimate stage: the common emotional reaction is fear and despair.
(1) anxiety: is one of the most important psychiatric symptoms, the patient in a bad situation is a result of the complex emotional responses, often accompanied by significant dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Its performance for the tension and unbearable discomfort, panic anxiety, worry, sleep disorders, a premonition of death is approaching. Cancer patients with different treatment of cancer and different stages, can produce different types of anxiety.
(2) depression: is the most common psychiatric symptoms, subcortical brain dysfunction of the central nervous system performance. Light are manifested as a quiet, inhibited, discouraged, unresponsive, depression and lack of interest on the surrounding environment, manifested as severe persistent nervousness, loss of appetite, attention and memory loss, insomnia (early awakening based), and even spiritual crashes, suicide.
(3) fear: cancer patients is the most terrible psychological impact. Cancer does not only mean death to face increasingly heavy pain of torture and treatment of the adverse reactions, but also the means to face this caused the loss of career, status, economic resources and a series of unfortunate.
(4) Anger: When a person long and difficult fight with cancer, loss of confidence and hope in the many after finally realized that this struggle can not win, it may produce anger, which is an extremely painful cry.
(5) Psychological reactions of cancer patients, alone: long-term illness can not participate due to work, study, housework, etc., cut off from society, the workplace, friends and family and the links between family members, loss of normal social adaptability.

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