Recurrence after gastric cancer surgery

By | December 7, 2011

Gastric surgery is the gastric resection, it is generally cut out 2 / 3. After gastrectomy of gastric cancer does not mean that will not happen again, was the remnant stomach cancer after excision of the possibility is there, the doctors call it residual cancer, generally occurs 5-10 years after surgery, the long side of the stomach in the anastomotic and gastric responsible for the most common portal.
Cancer recurrence after surgery (1) produces the reasons GSC
After gastrectomy, the loss of the normal function of pylorus, duodenum and membrane enzymes in bile epithelial cells to stimulate and accelerate cell division, thus undermining the role of the stomach Mongolia membrane barrier, causing carcinogens into the cells, Lian bad cause, bleeding, ulcer, atrophy, and gradually evolved into a post-cancer.
Cancer recurrence after surgery (2) the symptoms of gastric stump cancer
5 years after gastrectomy following symptoms should be wary if:
upper abdominal fullness, pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, after medical therapy.
unexplained weight loss or anemia.
upper gastrointestinal bleeding, fecal occult blood test remains positive, not improved by medication. Suspected to have residual cancer, should go to the hospital for endoscopy or cytology. Atypical hyperplasia is found, should be considered early remnant gastric cancer, then surgery should be as soon as possible.
Periodic review of gastric cancer after surgery to prevent recurrence after gastric cancer surgery according to doctor's orders medication to prevent anemia. Depending on the circumstances but also for other adjuvant treatment such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment. More importantly, we must periodically review, such as fecal occult blood, gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, endoscopy B ultrasound, chest X-ray, etc., for early detection of recurrence or metastasis of gastric cancer. General cancer after review once every 3 months, including abdominal B ultrasound, chest radiograph, blood, liver and kidney function and tumor markers. 1 review once every six months after the year 3 years 1 year after the review each time.

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