Metastasis of gastric cancer diagnostic tests

By | December 7, 2011

It is prone to gastric cancer metastasis, the growth of cancer in the stomach, can infringe other local organs, can also be through the lymphatic system, blood system, distant metastasis, as well as the tumor grew to the outside of the stomach, breaking through the stomach serous, tumor cells fell from above, planted to the abdominal cavity, pelvis and ovaries. Therefore, the diagnosis of gastric cancer subsequent to know is that after the stage, and simply, is the transfer of it? This is not only with the prognosis, is also related to the development of treatment programs.Metastasis of gastric cancer diagnostic tests, some patients diagnosed with gastric cancer after endoscopic doing to rush to surgery for further examination often can not understand, in fact, at this time a full staging examination of tumor in the body can not be avoided and the situation is very important.
Gastric most vulnerable local infiltration and metastasis to the liver, do well to find B-liver metastasis and pelvic lymph nodes, if there is an exception, it should do CT examination, routine chest X plain film can be found most of the lung metastases, if there is headache, dizziness, vomiting, must wonder whether the tumor is transferred to the head, brain CT can now be clear.
(1) of lungs in the chest plain film, if necessary, chest CT;
(2) the liver and other abdominal organs-B Super, if necessary, CT;
(3) B-abdominal lymph nodes, abdominal CT;
(4) the head of a head CT, if necessary, magnetic resonance imaging;
(5) Bone Road, bone scan, local plain film, MR.
Metastasis of gastric cancer diagnostic tests in a new general inspection means – PET examination positron emission tomography (PET) nuclear medicine imaging application is a milestone in the history, we can finally do not have the body of each CT scan to be a place , and finally the tumor can be achieved "body check" of the request. PET is the use of HC, 150,13 N, and 18F or other positron radionuclide labeled radioactive drugs injected into the human body, with a PET device to detect the positron radionuclide distribution within the organs, and even the whole body can be reconstructed body organs the structure and function, thus revealing the pathological changes.
Diagnostic tests for cancer metastasis, mainly to the radionuclide 18F labeled fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) into the body, with 18F-FDG PET imaging shows the distribution in the human body and its metabolism. Because malignant tumors increased anaerobic glycolysis, 18F-FDG as a glucose analogue uptake by tumor cells, resulting in partial retention in the cells 18F-FDG uptake, glucose utilization by the level of early detection and diagnosis of cancer can be.
PET imaging with high accuracy and specificity of follow-up after cancer treatment, to confirm or rule out residual tumor, recurrence, and the transfer of body parts, showing a good value, on the whole body metastases excellent qualitative diagnosis of lesions on CT or MR, of course, distinguish between PET images and anatomical structure in the positioning and CT, MR is also greater than the gap required when combined with clinical CT, MR imaging.

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