How to prepare for gastric cancer before surgery

By | December 7, 2011

Gastric cancer surgery plays an important role, but the effects vary widely. The reason it is important that the first treatment choice. If the correct preoperative evaluation will help select the appropriate operation plan, radical tumor.
Preparing for gastric cancer surgery (1) a comprehensive analysis of pathological data
Clinical occur or the existence of gastric tumors in patients with obstructive biopsy can not obtain the correct the embarrassing situation, even though sometimes the line several times gastroscopy, the special nature of the tumor growth or infiltration of teaching film drawn over the next light, can not obtain the correct diagnosis. At this point should not rely solely on the biopsy report, guard, delay in diagnosis, causing irreparable damage.
Also need to recognize that some of the same lesion biopsy or resection specimens, in different hospitals and even different pathologists in different pathological conclusions can be drawn, as there may be so atypical hyperplasia and cancer, two completely different conclusions.
Surgeon must fully understand the pathology and the lack of limitations, so as to fully assess the patient's situation, and will not misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, particularly the limitations of early superficial gastric cancer, but also need to raise awareness, to avoid errors in surgery.
Preparation before gastric surgery (2) half of a successful operation is to choose the appropriate time
Gastric cancer surgical indications of the purposes of rational choice is an important step in treatment, doctors must fully grasp the extent of disease progress and biological characteristics, the patient's general status and operation of all major organs can Fuhe capacity. If the cancer is limited to the stomach and adjacent organs, most feasible and radical resection. If the cancer appears widely distant organ metastasis or peritoneal metastasis, the majority can only palliative resection or exploratory surgery.
Gastric surgery preparation (3) adequate preoperative examination is very necessary
We often encounter some patients, some in a very short time after relapse, some in serious postoperative complications, in fact, as long as we do a full preoperative examination, some bad consequences, may be avoided The.
careful palpation careful examination whether the enlargement of the left supraclavicular area, hardened round lymph nodes. The liver is swollen. DRE Rectal bladder fossa lumps, induration, or hardening. Preliminary determination on whether the distant tumor spread, and has prompted further examination to determine significance.
Stomach double contrast barium
Determining the nature of the cancer types, particularly to observe the gastric wall infiltration violations, has very important significance.
Can not only look lesion appearance, shape, you can also forceps biopsy, pathological cytology. Similarly, the diagnosis is of decisive significance.
B-mode ultrasound examination
Probe diameter of 2 cm above the metastatic lesions on the detection of liver membrane asked whether the lymph nodes around the aorta, with or without ascites, and presence of bile duct stones, are required.
CT examination and angiography
Some patients need to know precisely whether the liver metastases, size, number and relationship with blood vessels, should carry out these checks.
general status check
RBC count, WBC count and classification of blood type. Serum tests include liver and kidney function, electrolytes, hepatitis B surface antigen and blood sugar. Urinalysis, including urine protein, urine sugar and urine red blood cells, white blood cells of the inspection.
Gastric surgery preparation (4) need to correct the situation before surgery
anemia and hypoproteinemia, when necessary, blood transfusion and albumin. Correcting water and electrolyte disorders and acid-base disorders, need to be corrected to normal levels. In particular, many associated with pyloric obstruction with dehydration, electrolyte imbalance.
control of diabetes in recent years, cancer patients with diabetes are increasing. Suspected of having diabetes on oral glucose tolerance test should be done in active control of blood glucose before surgery.
high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and poor cardiac function, should you deal with medical consultation to ensure the safety of surgery.
Gastric cancer before surgery to prepare 3. Surgery the day before the inspection and treatment
The morning the day before surgery, to participate in re-operation group, the collective review of all medical diagnosis to determine whether the estimated degree of tumor progression, distant metastasis, proliferation, whether surgical indications, with or without surgical indications.
Systemic review of the checks are complete, whether it is surgery required, is wrong. Scheduled surgery program, anesthesia methods.
a cross blood test, prepare for a transfusion;
patients to take a bath, skin preparation for shaving;
postoperative antibiotic prepared to do allergy testing;
combined pyloric obstruction, a few now started fasting, gastric lavage, etc.;
pyloric obstruction may not merge into the flow of food, water ban to nine starts late;
colonic cleansing before sleep time. After a sedative to ensure that sleep;
day of surgery, the next morning gastric tube, catheter.
4. Preoperative What matters to the attention of
Gastrointestinal surgery patients to be fast in 3-5 days long ago fiber foods, the digestive tract long-fiber food will make full, to the detriment of clean intestinal surgery, it is best to eat before surgery celery, leek, garlic , coriander, cedar, a large mortar vegetables, pineapple and so on. Prone to cause flatulence food has a great influence on the operation, or even cause failure of the operation, it should be fasting before surgery, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, broad beans, peas, beans, green beans, peas, soy, milk, buckwheat noodles. 1-2 days before surgery should be replaced by liquid diet, start fasting the night before surgery. 4 hours before surgery began to water deprivation.
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