What is the psychological treatment of cancer

By | December 6, 2011

What is the psychological treatment of cancer? Psychological treatment of cancer, also known as psychiatric treatment, is a clinical health care workers, use of psychological theories, techniques and methods, primarily through language or actions to improve the patient's mood and improve their understanding of the disease, to eliminate the psychological problems and enhance their defeat disease, confidence and ability to achieve the mitigation of disease or for disease healing means to an end.
Generally believed that psychological, treatment of the broad and narrow sense. What is the psychological treatment of cancer? Narrow psychological treatment is the use of professional people in treatment of psychological theory and psychological or psychosomatic diseases.What is the psychological treatment of cancer? Broadly speaking, in the whole course of treatment, clinical staff Caiyong psychology theories, technologies and methods, through conversations, contacts, etc., to relieve the patient's psychological problems are psychological treatment. In addition, a good medical ethics, the environment elegant, harmonious relationship between doctor and patient psychological treatment may also play a role.

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