Should pay attention to what psychological treatment of cancer

By | December 6, 2011

At present, the psychological treatment of cancer as many as 400 kinds. From a different point of view, can be divided into different types. Psychological treatment is popular abroad, according to the classification of different schools of thought, such as Freudian psychoanalysis, Rogers Centre for consultation therapy, Throne of the spirit of supportive therapy,] acoson relaxation therapy. Psychological treatment of cancer need to pay attention to the following questions:
1. Clinical treatment of psychological treatment should be considered as part of cancer is a psychosomatic illness, cancer patients have more clearly the causes of psychological problems, mainly the fear of cancer or in the course of treatment for some other knowledge of the puzzling cause. Therefore, it should be said to remove or reduce a variety of treatment of cancer patients (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.) itself is a good psychological treatment. It is clear that a reasonable therapy when the tumor shrink or disappear, the patient's negative emotions will be improved.
2. Cancer therapy cancer patients need the help of psychological volatile and suspicious of the officer's speech is very sensitive. Therefore, psychological treatment for cancer patients can not simply rely on the professional psychologist, and need health care workers, family members and society in close collaboration with relevant personnel. Can think, and either the patient and meticulous grooming, while the other party pay no attention to the words and deeds, speak or make some words or actions should not be, is a very good therapeutic effect not achieve. Studies have shown that most of the patients is in charge of the psychological doctor, because the patient was admitted to the hospital, everything in the body to the head doctor, the doctor in charge of his most trusted people. The role of family members is indispensable to others, family care and concern can give the patient the comfort and hope, can relieve the patient's sense of loneliness. The encouragement of friends and relatives also help enhance the patient's confidence. From this, in the psychological treatment of cancer patients, the establishment of doctors, family and social support system matching is necessary.
3. Cancer is a psychological therapy for cancer patients during long-term psychological pressure is generally heavier, it is difficult in a relatively short period of complete remission after several treatment, coupled with the chronic disease itself and the process repeated, so the implementation of cancer patients a longer period of psychological treatment perseverance. Some patients with severe psychological pressure to ease after treatment, the mood could soon be better, but after a few days of psychological pressure will again increase. One of the reasons the disease also did not see significant improvement within a short time on.
4. Psychological therapy for cancer patients should have the initiative to implement a rule, patients seek treatment, doctors and treatment. However, the psychological problems of cancer patients is associated with physical diseases to emerge. It seems the patient, the body is the first one, with psychological factors in cancer patients on treatment and rehabilitation is not enough awareness of the important role and do not want to expose their inner weakness, so few patients with clinically active doctors of the psychological problem. To help patients from both physical and psychological rehabilitation, the doctors line drugs, surgery, radiotherapy and other measures, should take the initiative to relieve psychological suffering for the patient.
5. Note the small change in the patient's psychological solutions for cancer patients are often unstable psychological, in the different stages of the disease, receive different treatment, the efficacy of different reactions such circumstances, there may be a different psychology. And easily affected by external factors and signs of emotional volatility. Therefore, cancer therapy, doctors should always pay attention to the patient's psychological changes, different psychological therapies to be dealt with accordingly.

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