What to pay attention after gastric cancer surgery

By | December 7, 2011

Gastric cancer is not fully recovered after surgery, the inevitable emergence of a number of cancer complications.
What to pay attention after gastric cancer surgery (1) anastomotic leakage
Anastomotic leakage is a serious complication of gastric surgery. In recent years, due to improved surgical techniques and the application of stapler, the incidence of anastomotic leakage than low-intestinal anastomosis. The causes of this complication is tissue edema, malnutrition, lack of consistent technology and so on. Usually 2-3 days after the leakage occurred due to surgical technique often ,7-9 days missed due to a combination of factors more than any other.
What to pay attention after gastric cancer surgery (2) bleeding
Postoperative anastomotic bleeding often due to bleeding, the cause often not fully seam stitching closed when the stomach blood vessels, especially in full-thickness sutures close too shallow or not the case. Bleeding came from a local hemostatic agents can be applied, can often be effective.
Another common cause of stomach bleeding stains War stress may diffuse often appears as brown or dark red bleeding, sustainable 3-5 days, then pull slightly with Ogilvy & Mather, West squint for the prothrombin complex, fibrinogen and other drugs can often be effective.
What to pay attention after gastric cancer surgery (3) gastroparesis
Gastroparesis after gastric surgery, can be caused by many factors, often the higher the total operation, the greater the likelihood there with vagotomy and tension related to changes in the stomach. Often occurs in the beginning after eating or diet changes, can absorb large amounts of gastric decompression, often more than 2000 ml / day, while accompanied by abdominal distension, nausea, abdominal discomfort, duration of ten days or two months can be If the color change or reduction of gastric juice, there are signs of recovery compared with the disease, patients may actually improve when there is a sudden emptying of the stomach sense of self, the drainage of gastric juice decreased significantly until the normal consumption.
What to pay attention after gastric cancer surgery (4) intestinal obstruction
More complicated postoperative ileus, gastric cancer more than 10 days after the functional intestinal pseudo-obstruction. Showed abdominal distension, Heating, Nick inverse, vomiting, vomit bile juice for the non-given 3 weeks after conservative treatment can often ease. Severe cases, bowel necrosis and shock. You should emergency surgery to remove the obstruction.
What to pay attention after gastric cancer surgery (5) dumping syndrome
Dumping syndrome after gastrectomy common, due to the loss of control of the pyloric sphincter, the food too quickly into the jejunum, large quantities of food into the small intestine, causing hyperosmolar diarrhea, lack of peripheral circulation, blood volume decreases. 5-HT may also be released, faster bowel movements, so that vasodilation related.
instantly of: 2 Zhou Fasheng after gastric surgery, meal 15-30 minutes after the onset of dizziness, pale complexion, dizziness, palpitations, sweating, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, and some blood pressure decline.
delayed-type (low blood sugar syndrome): 1-2 hours Start eating cold sweats, dizziness. Decreased blood sugar and more, into multiple liquid diet. Treatment should be immediately so that patients stay in bed to alleviate the symptoms or intravenous isotonic solution added to maintain blood volume. Encourage patients to smaller meals, drink water when eating as little as possible to prevent the liquid form of food quickly dissolved row to the hypertonic solution in jejunum, and to control the speed of eating. Best to lie down after eating for 15-20 minutes. This situation is generally 1-2 months after surgery to gradually disappear, if not better than 2 months to go to the hospital examination and treatment.

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