Pregnant when cancer patients do with chemotherapy

By | January 5, 2012

Cancer chemotherapy is to get pregnant
Chemotherapy drugs also can damage the ovarian function and even cause temporary or permanent female infertility. It occurs or not depends on the types of drug used, dosage, and patient age. Whether patients with cancer chemotherapy pregnancy, similar to the situation with radiotherapy, chemotherapy patients during pregnancy is still possible. Because some anti-cancer drugs can cause birth defects, it is recommended women of childbearing age receiving chemotherapy, contraceptive measures should be taken.
Cancer chemotherapy is to get pregnant, if the patient is pregnant when diagnosed with cancer, often need to delay chemotherapy until after delivery to give. If the condition does not allow, at least not until the beginning of pregnancy after 12 weeks and then given chemotherapy, because the first 12 weeks, the fetus most vulnerable to chemotherapy drugs. But more often, as the doctors strongly recommended that pregnant women in the e, on the one hand there is little in the cancer treatment so much time to wait for baby born, another pregnancy is likely to accelerate the growth of some tumors.

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