What methods of colorectal cancer metastasis

By | January 5, 2012

An important feature of malignant tumors continue to spread and transfer to the surrounding tissue or distant organ damage, leading to body failure and death. At this point, colorectal cancer is no exception.The main methods of colorectal cancer metastasis:
Transfer method of colorectal cancer (1) direct spread
The tumor can extend around the wall, along the intestine may also be upward, downward infiltration, while the gradual infiltration of the intestinal wall, and piercing the intestinal wall to intestinal infiltration. The growth of cancer is about one week around the wall for 2 years, after the cancer invasion into the muscular blood metastasis-prone. Invasiveness through the intestinal wall, they can direct infiltration of adjacent tissues, organs and abdominal wall. Ascending colon cancer can affect the upper descending part of duodenum; hepatic flexure of the colon can affect the liver, gallbladder. Transverse colon and omentum can be invaded, or stomach, and bladder cancer can invade the uterus, vagina, prostate, seminal vesicle, or generous bone.
Large colon transfer method (2) hematogenous metastasis
Most of the blood of colorectal cancer metastasis occurred in the late to transfer to the liver the most. Often, multiple liver metastases, or were diffuse, while a number of leaves involved liver segments. As the tumor increases, the probability of more distant metastasis increases. Followed by lung, once again, bone, brain, ovary.
Transfer method of colorectal cancer (3) lymph node metastasis
Extensive intestinal lymphatic network exists, especially in education under the membrane and subserosa particularly rich network of lymphatic vessels, which for lymph node metastasis of colon cancer has provided the conditions. Muscularis mucosa of colorectal cancer as a violation, there is the risk of lymphatic metastasis. In accordance with the anatomical location of primary tumor and the biological behavior of tumor cells into the lymphatic system, lymph drainage can with upward diffusion along different paths. Can cause abdominal lymph nodes or supraclavicular lymph node enlargement.
Way of colorectal cancer metastasis (4) planting of transfer
When the tumor invaded the serosa, or rupture of lymph node metastasis, because of gastrointestinal motility, and the constant friction with each other and other organs, cause cancer cells to fall off to the abdominal cavity or in the peritoneum or abdominal viscera in the stomach below the surface of the growth , the formation of implanted metastases. Peritoneal seeding are common, clinically known as cancer of the peritonitis.

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