What are the side effects of radiotherapy

By | January 5, 2012

Radiation side effects are issues of concern to the public. Radiotherapy in the early years of the state, without refutation, of the radiation dose, biological effects handled badly, resulting in more severe radiological injuries antagonists, to many people left the impression of fear. In fact according to specifications, including radiation therapy if the response is very light. The most common side effects of radiation side effects are fatigue, skin changes and loss of appetite, other side effects are usually related with the site of treatment. Only dry skin and refining the general reaction, self-healing within the short term, the new membrane can have acute edema, a few saw a shallow erosion, can be restored shortly. Most side effects are promptly removed. Also, you can learn some ways to alleviate the discomfort caused by side effects.
1. For appetite and nausea, vomiting
The most common side effects of radiotherapy of patients is the loss of appetite, anorexia, taste later than the ravioli, then be patient and encourage patients to eat more, to nutrient-rich diet, light and easily digestible food is good. Patients should be mobilized as the sense of smell to increase the appetite, the patient usually deployed favorite food, eating small meals often used approach.
Abdominal tumor radiotherapy, some patients will have such symptoms. Diet should be light and less greasy, small meals often, and vegetables can be put in a small amount of ginger flavor, try to avoid the smell of fresh, weird food and other food proteins, but also delicious with slices of fresh ginger or dried orange peel with traditional Chinese medicine, Shi Di , Zhuru Jianshui when the tea, can reduce gastrointestinal reactions.
2. Diarrhea and constipation
Abdominal radiation therapy to stimulate intestinal peristalsis caused by force to teach film at fast can cause diarrhea, this time should be easy to digest food, a little light and less greasy foods, such as semi-liquid diet or less residue diet, avoid foods with more fiber and education tired, cold food.
Patients with constipation should be increased activity, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in fiber, such as bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, etc., service glass of honey water before going to sleep every night, if necessary, taking the Chinese medicine Maren Runchang pills, or a small amount of liquid paraffin.
3.Radiation side effects such as decreased blood
Because radiation therapy can cause bone marrow suppression, manifested as self-cells, platelets decreased. In order to prevent bone marrow suppression caused by decreased blood, to focus on high nutrition, and more food such as chicken, duck, fish, meat, etc., to use the boiling, stewing, steaming and other methods to cook, you can choose more foods containing iron, such as animal liver, kidney, heart, lean meat, egg yolk and spinach, celery, tomatoes, fruits such as apricots, peaches, plums, raisins, dates, pineapple, red bayberry, oranges, chairs, sleeves and figs and so on. You can also use black-bone chicken, peanuts, clothing and other blood.

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