Postoperative nursing of lung cancer

By | May 9, 2012

Postoperative nursing of lung cancer, lung cancer after lung resection for lung cancer care and patients play an important role in the recovery, including the following:
(1) monitoring the indications of life (breathing, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature), to ensure the safety of postoperative lung cancer, and clinical medicine.
(2) to maintain airway, monitor oxygen saturation, in order to understand lung ventilation, ventilatory function.
Postoperative nursing of lung cancer (3) observation and closed thoracic drainage tube care, maintenance of low drainage, drainage tube patency and carefully maintain the registration of drainage, to reduce the incidence of pulmonary complications.
(4) to observe whether the bleeding wound, exudate, so timely replacement of dressings.
(5) Note that the infusion speed, careful registration of intake and output.
(6) often stand to shoot back, encourage patients to expectoration.
Postoperative nursing of lung cancer (7) smaller meals high protein diet, appropriate activities to promote recovery.

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