Nursing of advanced liver cancer

By | May 9, 2012

Nursing of advanced liver cancer, liver cancer patients to the middle and late, knowing that the final stage of life, can not accept reality, and in the process of diagnosis and treatment of intolerable side effects and cancer pain, very often show depression, anxiety, living without the law, energy dispersion, loss of appetite and fatigue, therefore, nurses should try to liver cancer patients to maintain hope for treatment, adhere to live, to give psychological care, pain control, the final stage liver cancer patients to improve quality of life.
Nursing of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (a) psychological care
1. To create a comfortable environment to rest, to meet the reasonable needs of patients and maintain patient comfort, better nutrition, sleep, excretion, and activities and other aspects of care.
2. Increasing interest in the lives of patients with liver cancer and enrich the content of their lives, so that families spend more time with patients, encouraged to disclose their worries and pain, and eliminate the fear of death.
3. To establish supportive family environment. Because of advanced liver failure patients with physical dysfunction, palliative treatment approach with much more than treatment, nurses should provide a variety of physiological and care information to enable families to support patients.
4. If necessary, and stability (to Western) control liver cancer patient anxiety and unease.
Nursing of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (b) control of pain
Pain is the liver in patients with advanced symptoms of the most common, but also affect the quality of life in patients with an important factor, in which nurses assume a very important responsibility.
1. Understanding the mechanisms of pain, correct assessment of cancer pain.
2. Medications to control pain and analgesia at three levels of drug use.
3. Qigong therapy control of liver cancer pain, function mainly to relax, focus on aligning and does not require action.
4. Anesthetic techniques for pain control is mainly used therapeutic nerve block with phenol, ethanol and other damage to nerve to control pain.

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