Esophageal cardiac disease patients before and after care

By | May 9, 2012

Esophageal cardiac disease patients before and after care (a) of the preoperative care
1, according to thoracic surgery preoperative care routine care.
2, according to degree of obstruction, can eat those given high-protein, high calorie, high vitamin liquid or semi-liquid diet, pay attention to whether the food after the phenomenon of retention and regurgitation. Those who can not eat, intravenous fluids or blood transfusion by your doctor.
3, to maintain oral hygiene, three days before surgery the patient guidance of the Bayesian solution mouth rinse with flowers.
4, start fasting the night before surgery, indwelling gastric tube on the morning of surgery, such as obstruction severe cases, surgery three nights with warm saline flush esophagus, intestines line on behalf of the esophagus who required before surgery for bowel preparation, the surgeon general anesthesia preoperative indwelling catheter.
Esophageal cardiac disease patients before and after treatment (b) post-operative care
1, then after thoracic surgery and anesthesia care routine care.
2, continuous gastrointestinal decompression, maintaining unobstructed drainage, observe and record the drainage of fluid characteristics and volume. 24-hour access to accurate records of the amount.
3, pay attention to oral cleaning liquid rinse Bayesian flowers four times a day. Prevention of mumps and upper respiratory tract infection.
4, close observation of disease, timing stand, to help patients make an effective cough, if necessary, and athletic supporter with a chest strap to reduce wound tension, relieve pain.
5, the thoracic drainage tube to keep them open, generally 24 hours after drainage reduced, if drainage too much damage may be the thoracic duct, lymph flow, resulting in chylothorax, thoracic duct ligation should be surgical.
6, after the resumption of bowel movements, eating good care by your doctor. Gastric tube can be removed usually 3-4 days, eating liquid, the first day of clear liquid 50m1, every 2 hours, after half the amount of liquid – the whole volume. One week backward semi-liquid, residue-free after two weeks of soft food consumption, feeding the process of observation of patients respond, the concept of difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, intestinal anastomosis gall phenomenon, immediately report the doctor.
7, after a week or so, there is high fever, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, pay attention to whether esophageal fistula, a chest tube, could oral methylene blue to observe the fluid drainage is into blue. If no chest tube, could swallow a small amount of iodized oil for X-ray examination. If confirmed to be esophageal fistula, should be immediately fasting, surgical repair for jejunal fistula or colostomy.
These are the esophageal cardiac disease patients before and after care.

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