Pathology and prognosis of gastric cancer

By | December 7, 2011

Pathology and prognosis of gastric cancer (1), histological type and differentiation
Histological types of gastric cancer reflect the different biological characteristics and prognosis of patients, such as papillary carcinoma 5-year survival was 32.9%, 25.4% tubular adenocarcinoma, undifferentiated carcinoma was 20.5%, poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma 19.9 %, prime adenocarcinoma accounted for 19.3% solution.
Gastric cancer pathology and prognosis (2) depth of invasion of gastric cancer cells
100% 5-year survival rate of carcinoma in situ, invasion to the stalk membrane under the 5-year survival 90%, 70% of violations of muscle layer, serosal invasion were 20%, serous violation of the organizers of adjacent organs outside the 5-year survival is only about 5%.
Pathology and prognosis of gastric cancer (3) lymph node metastasis
Lymph node metastasis, 5-year survival rate of only 7.6%, no lymph node metastasis was 41.8%. Another set of data without lymph node metastasis reported 5-year survival rate with lymph node metastasis than 2 times

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