Diet care after gastric surgery

By | December 7, 2011

Patients with gastric cancer in addition to maintaining ease of mind, strengthening exercises, but also pay attention to diet to restore.Diet after gastric cancer surgery care, we must first strengthen nutrition, to improve disease resistance. Eating too eager or too conservative can lead to undesirable consequences.
1. Gastric cancer after surgery care to note some restaurants, smaller meals, 4-5 times a day, from thin to thick liquid semi-liquid gradually adapt to the diet from the beginning each time about a small bowl.
Develop a regular quantitative diet. When eating slowly to reduce the residual stomach. To reduce the residual normal except for a few exceptions, encourage patients to return to normal diet as soon as possible, time after two weeks to a month or so.
Engage in high-protein eating light nutritious easy to digest, such as vitamin patches, soy milk, lotus root starch noodle soup broth of various diseases such as giving adequate amounts of vitamin C such as fresh orange juice, etc. can be transported when added two more iron, because after gastrectomy , gastric acid reduction or lack of absorption of iron deficiency anemia caused liver and spinach and other edible animals. Gentle daily walk may be appropriate to walk 15 minutes morning and evening abdomen to help absorb and digest the stomach, contribute to good health.
2. Diet nursing after gastric cancer surgery should not do
(1) Smoking, alcohol, forbidden to eat moldy food, cut blunt, rough stimulus thing. To prevent the "dumping syndrome" occur, to control the intake of each meal soup, less water, avoid eating more sweet flow of juice or soup, do not eat too fast.
(2) avoid eating stiff, fried, tea, alcohol and other irritating foods.
3. Subtotal gastric resection diet to restore
Gastric surgery, including radical resection, palliative resection and gastrojejunostomy, depending on the tumor stage may be. Diet care after the implementation of general in the natural emission of about 3-4 days, the stomach after subtotal and total gastrectomy diet to restore to different measures.
Adhere to the way smaller meals. After the day to pull a small amount of water tube, each 4_5 spoon, every 1_2 hours. Day 2 into the quantity of liquid food that is semi-50_80 ml each meal, 3 the amount of fluids each day fully 100_150 ml, slow intake, 6_8 times daily intake with high protein, high vitamins and minerals to food should be avoided easily flatulence food to bowl of soup, vegetable soup, lotus root starch is preferred. If returned to normal after surgery, 4 days into the porridge, 10_14 days into the cooked rice can be.
4. Gastric resection surgery diet after gastric cancer surgery diet nursed back to health care, general surgery stomach eating the whole principle is that smaller meals, step by step, into the flow of light digestible food, gradual transition to a normal diet. 2 days after decompression stop start eating sugar, rice water 30 ml, alternating every 2 hours; 3 days 60 ml, alternating every 2 hours; 4 days to 100 ml, alternating every 2 hours; flow of food 5 days half the amount of the first 6,7,8,9 days full amount of liquid food, 10 days to change semi-liquid food. These plans to the principle of patient no discomfort. Can be modified at any time according to the specific circumstances of patients, such as the patient feels bloating, abdominal pain should stop eating, to observe whether the obstructive symptoms. Prone to anastomotic desolate around 1 week after surgery. If the total gastrectomy in patients with preoperative nutrition is poor, prone to anastomotic thin. The symptoms are sudden severe abdominal pain, muscle tension, body temperature, this time can not blindly fight to ease the pain, doctors should report early diagnosis.
5. Gastric cancer patients the right to eat what food
Post-operative nutrition and diet therapy, in principle, high-calorie, high protein, high in vitamins, to meet the surgical needs of consumption and tissue repair. Protein high-calorie consumption can be saved, but to pay attention to weak digestion and absorption in patients after surgery, especially gastrointestinal surgery, should be selected easily digestible energy-dense foods, animal fats, not too much. The amount of protein is not only adequate, but the quality is higher, essential amino acids to be reasonable. Should choose eggs, milk, broth, soy products. By drugs during hospitalization vitamin supplements to make up for lack of dietary vitamin supply.
Cancer patients after surgery, due to anesthesia, bleeding and surgical trauma, especially after gastrointestinal surgery to be fasting, gastrointestinal decompression, the gastrointestinal disorders, clinical common blood deficiency, weak spleen and stomach, both the lack of nutrients and organic dysfunction. Thus modulating the diet, we should pay attention to spleen and stomach function, excited Wei Qi, restoring the source of chemical and biological weapons, and strengthen postnatal. In addition to the food choice of milk, eggs, ordinary patients to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, such as red cabbage radish, tomato, orange Nan, twisted oak, hawthorn, dried apricots and so on. To add protein and vitamins, eat home pork.
Diet after gastric cancer surgery care, such as after surgery was physically weak, should be given qi nourishing foods such as chicken, beef, longan, red dates and so on. Such as malnutrition after the surgery out of sweating, should eat dates, peanuts, male harm, floating wheat. Yin injury after gastric surgery, insufficient body fluid should be given milk, pears, sweet juice Zhen, Li chestnut and so on.

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