Pathological examination of tumor

By | April 22, 2012

Tumor pathology diagnosis of cancer is one of the most reliable method.
1. Cytology
Is to collect gastric juice, sputum, pleural effusion, ascites, urine and vaginal secretions or direct smear smear centrifugation, with a special stain under a microscope to find cancer cells. This method is simple, safe, accurate, rapid and economic characteristics.
2. Histology
To clarify the histopathological diagnosis, the first organization to make the necessary checks. Common methods are:
(1) bite biopsy: skin or membrane of the mass of Mongolia, with the biopsy forceps in the tumor margin and normal tissue specimens were taken between the bite.
(2) cut biopsy: the edge of the tumor tissue was cut enough, lymph node biopsy, requiring a complete capsule of lymph nodes removed.
(3), excisional biopsy: superficial tumors are small, the whole mass should be removed, removal should include some normal tissue around the tumor.
(4) needle aspiration biopsy: needle with a special draw tissue sent to pathology for histological examination or for cell smears. Commonly used in surface mass, lymph nodes, oral cavity, thyroid, breast lumps and so on.
Pathological examination, (5) scraping biopsy: used for mass surface, thin tube, cervix, etc. of the tumor. With a curette scrape the surface of the mass organizations, for pathological examination, but also for cancer cytology.

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