The principle of malignant tumors

By | April 21, 2012

The principle of malignant tumors, 1. To obtain pathological evidence of malignant
Histopathology confirmed the presence of cancer is a principle diagnosis of doubt, to consultation, usually to track, confirm the diagnosis before treatment.
2. Previous remission of the cancer patients, to obtain evidence of recurrence
Remission after treatment of the primary tumor metastasis, we must prove that the new primary cancer lesion is not a new, non-malignant lesions can resemble cancer to biopsy suspicious lesions.
3. Using the clinical diagnosis of symptoms most likely to result
Examination, inspection or other technical school shooting examination revealed abnormal and suspicious lesions, can be directly checked on the suspected lesion to obtain diagnostic evidence.
4. Review prior to surgical resection of malignant and nonmalignant tissue biopsy
If the patient's malignant or malignant lesions is a typical clinical presentation, diagnosis of the initial doubts, we must review the original biopsy, based on clinical observations, can present new ideas and modify the pathological diagnosis.
5. Identification of a second
Treatment of cancer patients or clinical cases of rare cases, may have a different diagnosis, through the consultation, a second appraisal.
The principle of malignant tumors, 6. Installments
Once the tumor histological diagnosis in patients with complete, ready to stage, according to staging to determine treatment.

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