Nutritional supplements in patients with cancer surgery means – oral

By | March 31, 2012

Nutritional supplements in patients with cancer surgery means – oral, oral is not only convenient, economic and security advantages, and because the food contains the most complete nutrition in Beijing, is the first choice for nutritional supplements, and strive for a natural way, but because of surgery, anesthesia and drugs effects, the patient's appetite is often poor, in addition to actively improve the cooking skills to fit the patient's eating habits and ignorant of the outside, but also to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the patients themselves, take full advantage of the digestive tract. In addition to gastrointestinal, esophageal cancer patients need to grasp the opportunity and the quality and quantity of food, the digestive tract other than the swelling and pain, female lung cancer, after tumors does not affect the limbs, eating, should be positive, active, early oral feeding , the rehabilitation of patients after surgery is very important.
(1) nutritional supplements in patients with cancer surgery means – oral, normal diet
Application: for no special dietary restrictions, the normal digestive function, disease, recovery of patients.
(2) diet principles
application of soft, easily digested, non-irritating, does not cause flatulence, less food containing cellulose.
total daily calories 2000,2500 kcal.
available food: soft rice, noodles, steamed bread, steamed buns, dumplings, wonton, egg, meat, chicken, duck, fish, soy products and so on. Containing plant fibers and animal hard muscle fiber foods should be chopped boiled, pay attention to add juice, fruit juice, etc., to prevent vitamin deficiency.
Disabling strong condiments such as pepper, instant coffee powder. Disable crude fiber and more vegetables such as bean sprouts, celery, chives, and sour fruit weight.
four meals a day.
(3) semi-liquid food
1) Application: for frail patients with fever, oral diseases, ear, nose and throat surgery and have difficulty swallowing.
2) nutritional supplements in patients with cancer surgery means – oral, diet principles
The liquid diet based, easy to swallow and digest.
Total daily energy 1500,2000 kcal, a variety of vitamins and mineral supplement should be noted.
available food: the food does not contain crude fiber, less pungent spices, with vegetables or as the condition may be.
Disabling steamed rice, pancakes, containing crude fiber and more vegetables, pungent spices and strong, a lot of meat, fats and oils and oil-rich food such as fried.
five-day meal, the staple food quantitatively. Semi-quantitative flow is not the staple food, four meals a day.
(4) liquid food
1) Scope of application: high fever, severe illness, gastrointestinal tract in patients after major surgery, with the mouth, esophagus, gastrointestinal diseases and oral surgery in patients with swallowing difficulties.
2) diet principles
All the food are fluid, easy to digest, especially easy to swallow, total daily energy 800,100 kcal.
flow of food: the food available for the rice soup, steamed puddings, protein water, milk, milk, juice, fruit juice, soup and all kinds of sauce to dilute lotus root starch and so on. Note that sweet and salty and white, such as the need to eat high heat flow should be more concentrated selection of foods such as chicken soup, milk powder, cocoa, malted milk, fish meal, meat meal, etc., or for special dietary preparation.
Clean food: for patients after gastrointestinal surgery. Selected does not contain any residue of fluid gas-chin foods such as Luoka broth, juice, rice soup and so on. Avoid using milk, soybean milk and too sweet food.
Avoid eating sweet: for general patients after abdominal surgery. Such as the bile duct, uterus and other surgical patients, in addition to avoid milk, sugar, fried foods outside the gas, are using liquid food.
Cold food: for tonsil surgery, can be used cold milk ice cream.
Concentration of liquid food: for oral swallowing difficulties after surgery. Suction hose used to drink, no food residue suitable than thick. Available foods are egg, batter, lotus root starch than thick.
smaller meals, six meals a day, every meal 250 – 300, the special circumstances by your doctor.
low heat flow of food, not long-term use.
(5) high protein diet
1) Application: suitable for significant weight loss, poor nutrition, or anemia in patients after major surgery, wasting disease such as cancer, tuberculosis patients.
2) diet principles
Total daily energy 3000kcal about 1.5-2 years of age protein, fat, about 608 ravioli, carbohydrates 400 – 500g.
carbohydrates should not be too small to ensure the full use and storage of protein, fat amount.
supply of vitamin C and B family of rich foods, attention should also be given to patients with anemia of vitamin K, BIZ, folic acid and iron, copper and other rich foods. Necessary condition may be combined with other treatment diets.
diet with animal liver and multiple organs, lean meat, eggs, fish, dairy and soy products, vegetables, fruits and high carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, yams, mushrooms, desserts and so on. Anemia patients should be more choice of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peaches, apricots, Hu Luoka. Fresh and semi-liquid food flows can be liver soup, liver paste, jujube soup, pulp and so on.

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