Cancer surgery in patients with nutritional supplements the way – tube feeding

By | March 31, 2012

Cancer surgery in patients with nutritional supplements the way – tube feeding, tube feeding tube through certain channels, the functioning of various nutrients into the gastrointestinal tract the physiological processing, and then taught film absorption through the intestinal tract, required for growth and metabolism of the body This method originated in 1790, due to scientific progress, making the technology evolved, has been widely used in clinical, many due to illness in patients with Seoul to be reborn mouth to eat. Sub-nasal feeding tube feeding method, Gastrostomy thin, thin build jejunal tube feeding of 3.
(1) nasal
1) Indications
not be taken orally, such as trismus, difficulty chewing;
mind is not clear;
insane antifeedant;
Do not eat, such as children, etc.;
esophageal or gastric surgery.
2) Method: The same general method by nasal gastric tube insertion.
3) nutritional supplements in patients with cancer surgery means – tube feeding precautions
As the diet than with thick nasal feeding, into a longer time, should choose a larger lumen, soft texture, pungent small tube to latex or silicone tube is better.
unilateral or bilateral nasal blockage or inflammation in patients with bilateral, should be suspended intubation. Otherwise they will not or can not persist for a long time with breathing difficulties.
must be fully substantiated in the stomach after gastric tube before injection diet food into the trachea to prevent the mistake caused by aspiration pneumonia.
strict disinfection of food preparation, before injection should be strictly checked whether the fermentation of deterioration and so on. After injection, injection of water to a little tube inside the food will be washed to keep clean and smooth inside the tube. 3_5 days to replace a second tube.
nasal eating mostly liquid food, the quality requirements are higher, the Ministry of energy and protein content must be level to achieve the application, keeping in mind the amount of water added to prevent the incidence of hypertonic dehydration.
The nasal feeding of patients got better, the decision should be based on the situation timely extubation, oral intake as soon as possible to restore normal physiological function.
(2) thin tube feeding gastrostomy
1) Indications: mainly applies to the following situation.
cancer, responsible for the door due to esophageal cancer, and other reasons, select the door obstruction;
nose at the Ministry of disease can not be used for nasal feeding;
esophagus, throat surgery;
after surgery of esophageal varices;
esophageal thin.
2) Method: General surgical gastrostomy with lean operation.
3) Note
made thin to 6 hours after eating, but do not cut pollution. Start with a small amount of liquid food began to gradually increase.
After each diet, clean the pipe, plug the tube with a soft mouth stuffed, wrapped. Termination of tube feeding after extubation, the thin mouth covered with a sterile dressing, dressing change every 1-2 1, a few days to heal naturally thin mouth.
Other considerations with nasal feeding.
(3) jejunal tube feeding lean manufacturing
1) Indications: For patients with the following: esophagus stomach, duodenum, stomach, jejunum, or stomach anastomosis thin; gastric body under or duodenal obstruction; stomach, duodenum, gallbladder, or thin film .
2) Method: General jejunum made with lean operation.
3) nutritional supplements in patients with cancer surgery means – tube feeding precautions
6 hours after making thin, you can trickle a small amount of warm sugar water or salt water to stimulate peristalsis, and then gradually increase the diet. Each drop (Note) into the speed should not be too fast, the temperature should be appropriate in order to avoid intense stimulation, the increase in bowel movements, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Usually 36 C-37 C can be.
diet can be added within the pepsin digestion after injection.
Other considerations with nasal feeding.

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