Cancer surgery and treatment of patients with the diagnosis of malnutrition

By | March 31, 2012

Diagnosis of cancer surgery and treatment of malnutrition in the preliminary estimates of the extent of malnutrition l. surgery patients often easy to neglect the nutritional problems. To cope with the lack of correct understanding. Surgical patients within the most common causes of malnutrition when rapid disease, such as caused by the tumor itself, disease is not lifted, the nutritional status can not as of good. Therefore, in order for improvement in the short term, to meet the surgical-making cards, and often need to make some special treatment, which is a good vein of high nutritional meat. In addition to malnutrition, principles of cancer surgery complicated by a variety of emergency surgical quiet child underwent emergency surgery to deal with, the vast majority of all elective surgery, there is China preoperative preparation necessary to correct the imbalance in the body of relevant for surgery smooth recovery after surgery to create the necessary conditions for industry to correct malnutrition is one of the watch for a ring.
1) before surgery to make every effort to improve malnutrition. In general, the following requirements to correct the vitamin deficiency.
2) correcting water, electrolyte imbalance, especially lack of low sodium feeding and dilution of the blood. Corrected to plasma protein and hemoglobin levels above the critical value, inverted egg white ball, not necessarily to achieve positive nitrogen balance or restore body weight. Before surgery should be adequate supply of sugar and heat in order to enrich glycogen storage, maintenance of liver function and myocardial metabolism.
Cancer surgery and treatment of patients with the diagnosis of malnutrition (2) as the preferred oral administration, followed by tube feeding or intravenous supplement.
(3) post-operative needs of energy and protein were increased. In accordance with sub-level of technical and traumatic different. Malignant disease, the length of time due to the local pathological changes brought about in different, often surgery is large. Requirements as far as possible broad, thorough, and therefore the root, the initial period after surgery, to supply heat mainly based daily 600 — 800kcal, to save the consumption of protein. Patients can not be taken orally, daily intravenous infusion of glucose, 150-200g, short-term recovery process is not affected. However, oral administration as soon as possible for the early, post-operative patients in order to meet energy and protein needs. Long-term oral administration in patients can not use other means should be added in time.
Cancer surgery and treatment of patients with the diagnosis of malnutrition (4) malnutrition emergency in surgery patients. To cancer patients to a multi-digestive tract cancer. Prior to surgery late from surgery, blood transfusion should be, IU and plasma or protein. And note the hot grass and vitamin supplement, oral nutrition as soon as possible to fight through, if not possible, should be given intravenous hyperalimentation.
(5) should be detailed records of patients with eating food, including dietary variety and quantity of the reaction after eating. Patients should be based on the digestion and absorption, and gradually increase the food intake. Such as indigestion, should be timely adjusted.
Cancer surgery and treatment of patients with the diagnosis of malnutrition (6) diet, sugar, fat and protein content, in addition to the general ratio, according to the patient's eating habits and digestion and absorption may be primarily to add the heat, followed by is a protein supplement.

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