Notice of vitamin intake

By | March 31, 2012

Vitamin intake Note (1) water-soluble vitamins: water-soluble vitamin for the operation very close relationship.
1) vitamin c: Synthesis of the cell as well as interstitial collagen fibers and the formation of a new multiple organs are closely related. Vitamin C deficiency will pass the capillaries have been added, the occurrence of a tendency, and affect wound healing and tension, in addition, vitamin C has dimension relies on adrenal function, enhance the body's anti-shock, anti-infection and the ability and the promotion of carbon and water compounds and protein metabolism.
2) Vitamin B: Vitamin B is to C of sugar metabolism paid once asked acid oxidase components, the lack of glucose metabolism would occur when the barriers to C with the acid from the oxidation of vitamin Bl can not be completely still on the inhibition of the enzyme cholinesterase When lack of time, accelerated decomposition of B players gaze intently, so that slow gastric motility, decreased digestive juice, there is not the town of appetite indigestion. Vitamin a (population over duo alcohol) and protein metabolism, vitamin Bz with the promotion of cell metabolism. Mainly from water-soluble vitamins in food.
Normal diet, the digestive tract in patients with good function, not a lack of multi-vitamin, may make routine supplementation, but in the fasting. Malnutrition, the partial eclipse, poor appetite, poor digestion, long-term broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics, long-term oral supplement business, such as patients, in order to prevent vitamin deficiency, should be and add a variety of water-soluble vitamins. Severe infection, trauma and complex surgical patients increased vitamin requirements, in order to promote the body metabolism and enzyme synthesis and benefits should be increased intake, typical doses per day; vitamin C200_400m vitamin Bl10_20mg, vitamin B25_10mg, vitamin 5_10mg.
Vitamin intake Note (2) fat-soluble vitamins: fat-soluble vitamins in general surgery in most cases no special relationship is not added.
1) of vitamin D: food can promote intestinal calcium and phosphorus absorption and the normal development of cells into shabu, pregnant women and pediatric patients should be appropriate to supplement, in addition to cod liver oil or concentrated vitamin AD, the children and pregnant women injectable vitamin D2 ( calciferol).
2) Vitamin K: is an important factor in the synthesis of prothrombin, the lack of prolonged clotting time when inverted, the occurrence of bleeding tendency. In addition to foods rich in vitamin K, it can also bacteria in the intestine (mainly E. coli) synthesis, the general lack of easy to occur, but added the following circumstances should be noted: bile duct obstruction, bile salts can not be discharged into the intestinal fat and fat-soluble vitamin absorption, barrier. long-term use of broad spectrum antibiotics to intestinal bacteria was inhibited, the synthesis of vitamin K reduced.
Vitamin intake Note (3) minerals and trace minerals the body fluids and tissue cells such an important part in regulating the internal environment to maintain its stability. As any close relationship with the sugar and protein metabolism, synthesis and metabolism after trauma is surgery or malnutrition of patients with increased requirements for domestic workers, in a large supply of heat and should be the correct complement of protein bait at the same time each day is generally 100_150mEp (lg Cl of approximately equal 13mEp bait bait.) If more people make up protein and calories, sometimes more than can be 200_250mEp per day. Patients with long-term fasting, but also supply the money, calcium, iron and other ions. Aluminum body, hammer, secluded, aluminum, and other requirements little shy, known as trace elements have important physiological functions, but widely distributed in food, generally will not be missing. However, long-term patients can not eat or fast, still need to pay attention to add, every time 200 – 400ml can meet the need.

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