Nursing patients with cancer pain

By | May 8, 2012

Nursing patients with cancer pain
Pain in cancer patients care, the World Health Organization (WHO) analgesic ladder program recommended by Portland, according to the specific situation for pain patients. Three step method of relieving pain refers to pain medication use process from weak to strong, step by step by step increase. An application of non-opiate analgesic drug, the drug is represented by aspirin, paracetamol, etc.; secondary use of non-opioid analgesic drugs in the relief of pain can not be added in the weak opioid drugs are available on behalf of their representatives because, D C oxygen Finland, etc.; three pain is to relieve pain in combination can not be used when strong opioids such as morphine, pethidine and so on. Each step can be based on the patient's condition plus a supplementary drug assisted drug sting improve symptoms, and analgesic drugs in combination to achieve better use of analgesic effect.
Cancer pain patients with advanced cancer care is an important issue, can be divided into analgesic drugs and non-nursing care and pain medication are two aspects. On the use of analgesics at home and abroad, both claims should be timely enough for advanced cancer patients in order to eliminate the severe pain, drug addiction into account the subsidiary. The best delivery time required, patient pain than good results when administration, the dose can be reduced.
Cancer patients over mental stress and anxiety often makes the pain increase, and therefore should be given analgesics, while special attention; non-drug pain care.
Cancer patients with pain care, have given way to oral analgesics, sublingual, muscle, skin, veins, the film, the subarachnoid injection of peripheral nerve closed, enemas and other means. No matter which must be the correct way to grasp the type of drug, dosage, route of administration and delivery time. Analgesics should be given regular time, gradually increasing the dose until the pain can be controlled until the next administration should disappear before the previous dose of drugs given before continuous relief of pain.
Best time to analgesic administration was in pain before they occur, usually first with the oral analgesic to aspirin better. Due to the pain tablets containing phenacetin and inhibition of bone marrow, in particular, radiotherapy and chemotherapy should not be long-term use. Advanced cancer pain worsened, while aspirin can be taken on behalf of the cause and a better analgesic effect, severe pain required pethidine, morphine and other strong pain be pain substitutes. Due to persistent pain and can reduce the pain threshold and pain itself against considerable analgesic effect, so do as much as possible without pain or the patient began to pain medication. Other aspects of Chinese medicine is also unique in pain, in the use of narcotic analgesics should be considered before the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture for pain relief. With traditional Chinese medicine for pain can often reduce the morphine doses of strong analgesics.
Nursing staff through proper guidance, to tell the patient the pain is a common pathological state, irritability and anxiety will only increase the pain; and through the patient to discuss issues of interest, listening to music, watching TV or happy memories of memorable things to distract the patient attention to remove the patient's restlessness and anxiety. When the pain got worse to do relaxation technique to guide the patient, the patient's conscious will and stamina training. Short-term pain patients can be sighing and yawning, and other methods; bite with persistent abdominal pain, breathing, and has asked the patients knee, hip flexor, relax the abdominal muscles, back muscles, leg, eyes closed, breathing slowly. Pain is also commonly used to stimulate the surface of the auxiliary methods, such as temperature and humidity squeeze method and apply law.
Pain in cancer patients care, the earnest care, thoughtfulness can relieve the patient's pain. Once the pain episodes, before the nurses came to the patient that the patient with confidence and comfort. Appropriate to stay for a while at the bedside, touch the patient's hand, fanning the painful area and comb the hair disheveled, with hot water, wipe the face, to change my position, is spiritual comfort to patients, can relieve pain . In addition to the patient's emotional environment, has a certain impact. Patients living treasure quiet, soft lighting, room temperature, suitable, and often can reduce the pain medication dosage and longer time. Through the observation of patients to determine the nature of pain, the establishment of appropriate nursing interventions to a reasonable and appropriate language and drug use to soothe pain or pain relief purposes.

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