Leukemia treatment and care

By | May 8, 2012

Leukemia treatment and care
Leukemia patient care mainly from the following three aspects:
1. To prevent bleeding care
(1) causes and clinical manifestations of the thrombocytopenia, clotting factor deficiency, the patient's skin, prone to teach membrane bleeding. When thrombocytopenia (<30 x lcf IL) will appear when the retinal hemorrhage or cerebral hemorrhage.
(2) The nursing of leukemia
When the platelets than normal, the patient to maintain emotional stability, to avoid tension, fear, minimize activity, getting enough rest.
Note that the security environment, with objects placed neatly, safe, orderly and bump to prevent patients, avoid the use of dangerous goods.
patients should be cut short nails, so as not to scratch the skin.
cleaned regularly, keep the skin clean, try to stimulate the small bath, scrubbing force when the action must not be too soft to prevent bleeding in the skin, wrinkled linen and bedding soft per slot, to avoid squeezing the skin by friction.
In case of puncture, should be sufficient to stop bleeding after needle injection.
maintain oral hygiene, regular use of mouth rinse and Thailand, do not use the toothpick at table, with a soft bristle toothbrush, cotton swab dipped in mouthwash can be used to scrub the teeth. Liquid paraffin oil or apply lip balm to prevent chapped bleeding.
diet with high calorie, high protein, high vitamin residue less the principle of soft food, should not have thorns, and bones, so as not to bruise or scratch the oral mucosa caused by gastrointestinal bleeding. Platelet <20X 109 / L, should be given liquid diet, to encourage patients to drink more water.
Leukemia Treatment 2. To prevent infection
(1) room air ventilation is to reduce indoor air pollution, effective measures. If the constant flow of indoor air, the air continued to exchange with the outside world, not only to keep the air fresh, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, stimulate blood circulation, skin, sweat evaporates, increasing patient comfort, and make patients spirits and happy.
(2) to ensure proper humidity, heat and humidity will affect the rate of evaporation of the skin, causing patients to different aspects of environmental comfort. Room humidity to 50% _60% is appropriate. When the humidity is too low, the air is dry, evaporation of large amounts of water body, patients often show dry mouth, sore throat, thirst, then stalks the membrane surface of bronchial cells in problems of ciliary movement, making the purification function of reduced airway secretion material retention, easy-intrusion of viruses and bacteria, so prone to infection.
(3) to maintain oral hygiene, oral solution or Thai meal gargling with Dobell, sooner or later with a soft bristle toothbrush.
(4) and after the high side with a 1:5 solution of bait hammer acid bath, to prevent infection anus weeks.
(5) female patients during menstruation should be a day perineum with warm running water, towels should be part (face, feet, perineum) used separately to avoid cross-infection. Bathe, change clothes frequently.
(6) pay attention to check the mouth, throat, axilla, perineum, Wang and other parts of the door, a million red, swollen, fever, and pain symptoms. Once the fever, cough, runny nose, increased frequency of defecation, abdominal pain or frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, timely reporting of a doctor.
(7) of the food fresh and sanitary, tableware disinfected regularly. Note that the diet should eat more high protein, high calorie, fiber-rich foods, drinking water or juice, eat more vegetables, fruits, maintain smooth stool.
(8) to perform a clinical lose concentration or injection of granulocyte G-CSF, GM-CSF, have given broad-spectrum antibiotics prescribed infection.
Leukemia care 3. Anemia care
(1) the reasons for and the performance of the reduced hemoglobin in the blood of patients, reducing the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood, and tissue hypoxia caused , patients showed pale, often feel dizziness, headache, memory loss, inability to concentrate, fatigue, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of appetite and discomfort.
(2) anemia patient care activities of guidance. Help patients arrange a suitable activity to ensure that the environment comfortable, conducive to rest and adequate sleep in order to reduce the body's oxygen consumption. Decisions based on the degree of anemia can be tolerated activity levels in patients with: severe anemia patients need bed rest and give life to take care to prevent falling bed fall injuries; mild to moderate anemia patients can ambulation, activities should pay attention to saving energy. dietary guidance. To eat high-protein diet, high in vitamins, high-calorie foods digestible principle.
Fresh vegetables rich in folic acid, but folic acid is not heat, strong light, or over-cooked easily damaged, so proper cooking is extremely important time not too long, the temperature is not too high. A lack of vitamin B12 to eat animals, liver, kidney and lean meat. Nurses should be familiar with the role of common principles of anemia drugs, doses, formulations, and drug use of the time, methods, and explain to the patient side effects. Anti-anemia drugs commonly used iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, androgen, glucocorticoid and immune inhibitors. Severe anemia should be given oxygen.

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