Lung Cancer Diet

By | May 9, 2012

Compared with gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer is relatively good diet should be addressed. In addition to the nourishing food of Chinese medicine, the lung cancer patients should use milk, eggs, lean meat, animal liver, soy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and so on. Can maximize the patient's food intake and eating frequency. Note: lung cancer patients should avoid fishy oily food taboos spicy and tobacco, alcohol and other spicy food.
For lung cancer patients cough, hemoptysis, country medicine has many Yin lungs and cough to stop bleeding, the convergence of the prescription and the food side, such as Yin lungs with work and food almond jellyfish, lily, water chestnuts, etc., and lotus root Day, lotus seeds, persimmon, pear, yam, lily, jelly and others have cough, convergence hemostasis. According to folk prescription, lung cancer patients can eat gecko, turtle shell extract, turtle meat, rice, etc. Yin and nourishing food.
Lung cancer patients should drink flavored diet [appetizer soup]: Health North Hawthorn 100 grams, wide wood 50 grams, Polyporus 50 grams, Chrysanthemum 50 grams. Day one, the frequency of drinking water to cook. Health Hawthorn herbal medicines, to the North Hawthorn, good fresh fruit shop. Note whether there are pesticides! Chinese herbal woody, to wide woody, a little bitter; not moldy; moldy on the soft, and there is smell; patients drink, and be spit, people mistakenly believe that the Wei Qi is absolutely. Chinese herbal chrysanthemum, color, variety and origin of many, but it is bitter chrysanthemum, good tea shop. Chrysanthemum is not hard to eat since ancient times. But now, some drug store, wild chrysanthemum purchase. One is the mold, one is bitter, is a common problem. Moldy on the soft, and there is smell; patients drink, and be spit, people mistakenly believe that the Wei Qi is absolutely. Chrysanthemum flower with a generally very good. Do not buy a sheet of pressure Chrysanthemum National Cheng Kung University, which is pressed to increase the wet weight of drug, you pay any money, but also easy to mold. Do not buy Gongju, the taste very bitter.
The human stomach is not trash, can not just eat. Patients with lung cancer diet, illness can not just eat more later. Is not conducive to the treatment of lung cancer patients to take medicine during the period because it is not to avoid certain food, but the cancer itself must taboos.
1. Do not eat spicy, cooking when they can not put these spices. Such as: pepper, ginger, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic and so on.
2. Iodine Do not eat food. Cancer patients to eat seafood, such as: crabs, shrimp, fish without scales, seaweed, etc., including food and processing of iodized salt, the mass will rupture.
3. Special emphasis is, do not drink. In the pharmacy where the wine has always been labeled poison. Do not promote drinking. High concentrations of alcohol can also cause mouth, esophagus, stomach, chronic injury. Any concentration of alcohol can cause blood heat. Especially drinking wine, more likely to cause blood heat Wang Xing. Western medicine also believe that alcohol can promote the absorption of toxic substances, is a cancer-promoting agent.
4. Do not eat aphrodisiac food. For example: lamb, dog, goose, dove, sparrow, and so on. Many animals with hormones. Pig's neck with the thyroid, people will eat poisoned. Some people say that cows and chickens, are also made, especially on her ass can not eat chicken, but the book does not say.
5. Do not eat scalding food. Blanching of the dumplings, high concentrations of alcohol, eat garlic, the mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, causing chronic injury. Alcohol, the role of local anesthetic for the esophagus, so that those lost to food, esophageal burns in pain. So do not eat the blanching food, drink scalding water. In addition, smoking, eating sticky and hard food, etc., are to be avoided.
6. Do not eat cordyceps, ginseng essence, velvet fine, Gui-yuan, Astragalus, Lycium, Ginseng. Do not casually injecting interferon, thymosin and other supplements. Some people think that these drugs can make themselves stronger. Wrong! These drugs can make you burn. To promote rapid cancer growth and metastasis of the tumor. Others advocate eating turtle tortoise sea cucumber, which is what Yin phlegm, for chronic bronchitis. Cancer after eating, the mass will edema ulceration.
7. Do not you eat traditional Chinese medicine. Cancer medicine you eat, resulting in tumor development and rupture, more any more. Mainly due to sale of drugs that the cancer is incurable, treatment is dead right.
8. Do not eat wild barbecue food. Any use of charcoal, coal, gas barbecue food, are carcinogenic styrene pyrene, who ate Shuidao Mei. Eat eat electric barbecue.
It does not eat, that do not eat, so cancer patients eat? Can eat a lot. Diet in patients with lung cancer, such as pork, beef, beef offal, milk, chicken, eggs, duck, duck, donkey, scaly river fish; vegetables, fruits, beans and so on. You can also Aohao the fish soup, beef soup, beef tendon soup by adding vegetables, rice, millet, corn, noodles and other Gong Zhu. There are bread, rice, steamed corn bread, steamed buns, dumplings, lo mein and so on. But must Shulan. So not only is the treatment of lung cancer drug treatment, more patients with lung cancer eating through physical conditioning to get better.

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