Sales price of drugs you can guarantee a minimum it?

By | May 9, 2012

I sell a variety of anticancer drugs hospital than other hospitals or institutions about 20-50% lower prices, and we have some concessions to poverty reduction activities are organized. Hospital in our province and I can help a non-profit hospitals and old disabled units, the existence of economic difficulties for the patients we will give a certain level of care, encourage and support patients adhere to intermittent treatment continue. In contrast, there are a lot of medical websites and pharmacies not only did not take the initiative to respond to national call for lower drug prices, drug prices but also by the people unaware of the psychological, but the price is even higher than the state price ceiling, and some Even more than double! lot of friends, please compare the majority of patients choose not to be deceived! order to better serve patients.
Site since August 2007 launched the "Member Services" new initiatives, as long as the purchase of medicines for the first time to become a member you can enjoy better service and more gift concessions! Solemn commitment of our hospital oncology: If our members can pharmacies to provide the sale of other regular drug prices lower than the site's information, we immediately upon verification of the price adjustment related to drugs and medicines to ensure compensation for the double post.

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