Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer

By | May 9, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer, because lung cancer and the biological behavior vary widely, can be divided into small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer, both the degree of malignancy, and treatment trends and prognosis are quite different, so treatment needs combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, identified the combination of disease and dialectical. 1. Small cell lung cancer: a highly malignant because of its biological characteristics. Prone to a wide range of distant metastases, the deadline should be made in the Bureau of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to good effect cases, surgery can be selectively, and then re-TCM; wide range of patients should be treated with chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine, on a small number of chemotherapy patients with good performance, you can choose to apply to radiotherapy. 2. Non-small cell lung cancer: surgery should be considered the first choice, according to the symptoms of lung cancer first and then the other treatment.
Dialectical therapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine in order to function in protecting the body's own case, to maximize anti-tumor, improve the quality of life and prolong survival. The patients receiving the best treatment. Dialectical treatment of lung cancer should be dialectical with disease combined. Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer in early stage lung cancer, patients can be identified without a license is often the situation occurs, it should be proficient application of existing methods of modern medicine, combined with traditional Chinese medicine tongue and pulse, to improve the early detection of lung cancer, early diagnosis. And the body before exercise, the year round in person to do bronchoscopy, and pathology pathologist total power reading films, first-hand materials, and accurate diagnosis of lung and international TNM staging. And in patients with advanced lung cancer can occur many early symptoms of lung cancer , often mixed with the actual situation, so be reasonable arrangements for the treatment of patients, the TCM, and distinguish the disease combined with Western medicine treatment, rousing, then treat the emergency, slow then treat the book, and Western treatments to minimize side effects, improve its efficacy, to prevent their recurrence and metastasis.
The mainly Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer Qi and Yin, clearing heat and detoxification, drug OPHTHALMOLOGY and Zhuojia of Chinese herbal medicine has a certain anti-cancer effects, such as diffusa, Grass Creek car, barbata, Actinidiae , Houttuynia, Patrinia, Solanum nigrum, Curcuma, raw oyster so special. After years of clinical validation and system summary, Professor of the Park into five major syndromes of lung cancer, that lung insufficiency, deficiency heat type, Qi and Yin Deficiency type, gas shut-type stagnation of blood, phlegm stasis type.

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