Life of cancer patients in what issues should pay attention to diet

By | January 4, 2012

Most patients with gastric cancer showed weak and need to supplement qi and blood, but to distinguish between yin or yang. Conditioning diet after gastric cancer surgery should be used in high-nutrient, less stimulating food. TCM dietary cancer is one of the characteristics soup kitchens.
A. gastric cancer patients do not eat or eat a reasonable diet oil fried food because frying pan when the temperature up to 200. C or more, high temperature cooking oil, especially the repeated high-temperature residual oil, can produce carcinogens such as benzopyrene.
B. patients with gastric cancer try to eat a reasonable diet of salt preserved foods, foods containing high concentrations of salt prone to hypertension, high salt foods of good nutritional status of tumor promotion. Preserved in a variety of easy to form a small amount of meat may lead to a variety of cancers nitrosamines.
Gastric cancer patients try to eat a reasonable diet c. smoked, broiled food, because food in smoked, grilled or baked coke produced during the benzopyrene and other carcinogenic compounds.
Gastric cancer patients with a reasonable diet d. Prohibition of mildew or spoiled food, mold contaminated food do not eat as much as possible, such as the high incidence of pickled cabbage, fish sauce, shrimp paste. We encourage eating fresh foods, improved cooking methods.
E. proper diet gastric cancer patients avoid smoking and alcohol, tobacco and alcohol will only make faster disease progression, there are a hundred more harm than good.
Patients with gastric cancer reasonable f. Chinese traditional diet that's "fat" objects: such as lamb, fish without scales, Zhu Tourou, animal offal, shrimps, crabs and other seafood, rooster, dog, pupa and so on.
Gastric cancer patients eat a reasonable diet g. clearly confirmed the role of anti-cancer foods such as astragalus, garlic, etc.; has a role in gastric cancer was also muscarinic, mushrooms, Ganoderma lucidum, Coix Seed, edible fungus, ginseng, honey, royal jelly, yam, sea cucumber, toads, Lithospermum and so on. In addition, vegetables, fruits and beans are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and trace elements selenium, copper and -carotene in the food, there are nitroso compounds block the synthesis of the stomach, also has some of the anti-cancer effect.

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