How to prevent gastric cancer

By | January 4, 2012

Currently considered the following factors and gastric cancer related to the occurrence:
(A) environmental factors in different countries and regions significant difference in the incidence of environmental factors that are most important dietary factors may be the salt of gastric cancer induced by exogenous factors, the residents of salt intake and more countries with high incidence of gastric cancer . Nitrosamine compounds have been successfully induced gastric cancer in animals. Smoked fish contain more 3,4 – benzopyrene (benzopyrene); moldy food contains more mycotoxins; rice covered with talcum powder after processing outside of their chemical properties and structure are similar to asbestos fibers, the material are considered carcinogenic.
(B) genetic factors, some families have a higher prevalence of gastric cancer, some data suggest that gastric cancer than people in the A blood group O blood group, in.
(C) immunocompromised immune factors in human gastric cancer have a higher prevalence may be immune dysfunction, the role of decreased immune surveillance of cancer in gastric cancer have a certain significance.
(D) pre-cancerous changes is the so-called pre-cancerous changes in malignant transformation has a strong tendency of certain lesions such lesions may be treated, if not the development of gastric pre-cancerous changes, including pre-cancerous state (precancerous conditions) and pre-cancerous lesions ( precancerous lesions).
View of the above risk factors, prevention of gastric cancer in our life to do the following:
(A) eat less or eat salted, smoked, fried and baked foods such as salted fish, ham, bacon and other salted foods contain more salt and undermined the integrity of gastric mucosa, while the food in the carcinogenic substances in the production process can increase the content of 3-4 benzopyrene promote carcinogenesis.
(B) the prevention of gastric cancer to develop good eating habits. If the diet from time to time quantitative, overeating, eating too fast too hot, an injury to the stomach is stimulated, and the incidence of gastric cancer have a certain relationship.
(C) do not eat moldy food, eat or not eat pickles. Therefore, foods containing or able to produce large amounts of nitrite and secondary amines, into the body can be synthesized under certain conditions, nitrosamine compounds, these compounds are highly carcinogenic.
(D) the prevention of gastric cancer either smoking, less drinking. Smoking can induce lung cancer has caused people's consensus. The same. Smoking and gastric cancer have a certain relationship, the smoke contains many carcinogens, or cancer-promoting substances, is one of the causes of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer. Although it is not alcohol itself, carcinogenic substances, but the potent cocktail to stimulate the gastric mucosa, mucosal tissue damage and promote the absorption of carcinogens, if the alcohol while smoking, the greater danger. Because alcohol can enhance the permeability of cell membranes, thereby strengthening the absorption of carcinogens in smoke.
(E) eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink milk. Fresh vegetables, fruit and milk rich in vitamins, may participate in repairing the body's natural barrier to prevent chemical carcinogen in vivo synthesis.
(F) Prevention of aggressive treatment of gastric cancer and gastric cancer to the occurrence of disease. Such as atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia, long lasting gastric ulcer, gastric polyp.

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