How to prevent colorectal cancer

By | January 4, 2012

Results colorectal cancer incidence and dietary fat and animal protein consumption is proportional, that is high in animal protein, high fat diet easily lead to colon cancer; economically developed areas with a high incidence of colon cancer, mainly related to their diet , in addition to high animal protein, high fat, eating too fine, such as beef, less cellulose and refined rice, the so-called "Western culture, food," prone to colon cancer. This is mainly because of dietary fat and its decomposition products, may be carcinogenic or synergistic carcinogenic effect. Less fiber diet can reduce stool volume, and to significantly prolong the time of stool through the intestinal tract to cause the concentration of fecal carcinogens increased collaboration with the colonic mucosa was significantly prolonged contact time; colon carcinogen and long-term exposure, may be cancerous.
We understand the above information, it has to come from the following aspects of colorectal cancer prevention.
Prevention of colorectal cancer 1, first of all have good eating habits, do not favor the three high and one low, that high-calorie, high fat (oil), high protein (meat), low-fiber, eat barbecue, fried and high fat greasy food; eat more whole grains, vegetables, fruits and other foods, in order to maintain smooth stool, reduce carcinogens in feces and colon mucosa contact time.
Prevention of colorectal cancer 2, to reduce dietary fat and animal protein intake, may reduce the decomposition products of carcinogens and carcinogenic effects have to reduce the incidence of colon cancer.
3 Prevention of colorectal cancer and found that bowel habits, frequency, nature of change, stool blood and mucus attached to the surface or pus and blood, abdominal pain, it means frequent, for anemia, weight loss and other clues should be no reason to see a doctor promptly.
Prevention of colorectal cancer 4, periodic screening high-risk groups, if any family history of colorectal cancer, a cancer polyps, chronic colitis, in the elderly over 40 years of unexplained abnormal stools, fecal occult blood should be timely and exfoliated cells examination, if positive to do e-colonoscopy.
Prevention of colorectal cancer 5, searching for their own training methods, and enhance health and improve immunity, self-relaxation, relieve stress, maintain a good attitude

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