Generation and pleural effusion treatment

By | January 4, 2012

Pleural effusion generation and treatment, peritoneal effusion, or known as ascites (ascites) can occur in a variety of diseases, different causes of ascites guide put different treatment and prognosis, so the identification of causes, especially the identification of benign and malignant ascites is extremely important . Pleural effusion generation and treatment, medical history, symptoms and signs can provide a differential diagnosis of ascites basis, but pursuant to identify sometimes difficult, often need to make the necessary examinations. With the continuous development of medical science, new technologies increasingly used in clinical diagnosis, making the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant ascites much higher rate than before.
Pleural effusion generation and treatment, pleural effusion / pleural effusion, including general traits inspection (color, transparency, pH, specific gravity, and coagulation), biochemical tests (quantitative and qualitative protein, glucose, trace elements, etc.), bacteriological examination. Through these checks can be leakage of fluid or a judge ascites effusion, ascites, the nature of the initial discrimination.
Green Medicines swollen disease pill – fast elimination of the liver, lung edema, pleural effusion and other types of cancer,
Dropsical disease pill – to eliminate the chest, abdomen water cure of approval: Zhunzi Z19983013
Prescription Zaofan (vinegar) 200g, euphorbia 20g, jujube (to nuclear fried) 200g, woody 20g, wheat (fried) 100g.
Method or more flavors, crushed into fine powder, sift, mix; water generic pill, 60 under dry, including sugar, that is, too.
Functions and Indications benefits of water swelling, dehumidification spleen. For swollen disease, abdominal fullness, limb edema, constipation, scanty dark urine.
Usage and Dosage 10 pills before meals service once, 3 times a day, children reduce it.
Note not and licorice with clothes, avoid salt, wheat flour and mustard Specification weight 1.3g per 10
Storage Sealed, moisture-proof.

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