Relationship between cell phone radiation and brain tumors

By | January 4, 2012

As in July 2008, China's phone has a volume of up to 6 million having been, however, the same as any other country in the world, cell phone to bring their own kind of health risks did not allow us enough psychologically prepared to accept, or that no one wants to address this serious problem.
People's Liberation Army 304 Hospital in the neurosurgical wards, the hospital physician chief of neurosurgery, the capital of glioma treatment center, said Professor Li Anmin, the patient is suffering from a rare malignant brain tumor — generic "glioma" — As long suspected of being caused by mobile phone radiation.
Professor Lee said, the average agglomerate glioma was, like the moon, clear border; this patient and got was diffuse, unclear boundaries, like rice laced with sand. Professor Lee infer: "It is very likely caused by a glioma cell phone radiation."
Relationship between cell phone radiation and brain tumors, in order to more clearly explain the cause, Professor Lee picked up a skull specimen from the table refers to the author read: "the site of tumor growth in patients with mobile phone antenna electromagnetic radiation is precisely the most concentrated area, and usually , gliomas rarely occur in this area. "mix of the brain Can not be surgically removed, the difficulty of treating brain tumors is much greater than normal. 304 first came to the hospital, patients have been stuck atop a bed, it is very difficult to speak. Approach using chemotherapy, after nearly 1 year period of treatment, patients are now much better, but it is hard to say whether the cure. The study confirmed that use of mobile phones, there will be 40-60% the amount of radiation directly to the brain penetration depth of an inch to a half inches, and the mobile phone radiation will accumulate in my mind constantly.
Relationship between cell phone radiation and brain tumors, cell phone radiation may cause the pathogenesis of brain tumors: brain cells by the nerve cells and glial cells, nerve cells die by radiation heating, when will the proliferation of glial cells. Proliferation out of the part of glial cells are abnormal if that part is cancer.
Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Hygiene monitoring by the researchers, more than 100 staff had conducted a survey found that use of mobile phones can cause neurological side effects. Such as the requirement of mobile phone users and non-users to simultaneously press the button to test their reactions, use mobile phones than people who do not use the average action requires reaction time, while the number of correct responses will have less.
Made the monitoring of a "mobile phone handsets on the health impact survey," further evidence that long-term use of mobile phones can cause chest tightness, nausea, appetite loss and other adverse reactions, and have an adverse effect on sleep quality, use every day too long cause more than a dream, and may cause insomnia. Home and abroad, many reports that cell phone electromagnetic radiation is a common phenomenon caused neurasthenia, symptoms of headache, dizziness, memory loss, inability to concentrate and so on.
Relationship between cell phone radiation and brain tumors, at present there is no international scientific method can prove that brain tumors are caused by electromagnetic radiation, but if more than a certain intensity of electromagnetic radiation, continuous time will be harmful, which is internationally recognized. In order to avoid cell phone radiation, not to rush when dialing the phone to the ear; try to answer the call using the headset; minimize the frequency of use of mobile phones; not to phone in a breast pocket or hung on the waist.

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