Leukemia (blood cancer) in the early manifestation

By | April 8, 2012

Leukemia (blood cancer) in the early manifestation of leukemia is a disease of hematopoietic system in the malignant tumor, known as leukemia, it is a very powerful cancer, which is characterized by abnormal proliferation of white blood cells and infiltration of various body tissues, immature white blood cells in the blood appears. Divided into two types according to the priority of one course of acute leukemia more common in children, young people, rapid onset, short duration (several weeks or months), if not treated early, death can quickly: the second is chronic leukemia, since disease is slow, long duration (average 2-5 years), patients are usually pale, feeling malaise, fever, night sweats, weight loss, chest pain, discomfort and spleen, accompanied nose gear jump, skin bleeding and other symptoms.
Resistance in patients with chronic leukemia is poor, a little attention, easy to concurrent infection, fever. Meanwhile, a large number of abnormal white blood cell infiltration also should not go to many parts, which leads to the corresponding symptoms.
The aura symptoms of leukemia are:
An unexplained fever, anemia, bleeding, liver and spleen of the lymph nodes, muscle, joint pain, or sternal tenderness. Hong rotten teeth jump swelling long treatment, epilepsy purple skin, ecchymosis, nasal resistance. In particular, the progressive enlargement of the spleen is an important feature of leukemia, which in daily life, where the unexplained splenomegaly, especially in the enlargement, we must make early blood examination.
Due to unknown leukocytosis, increased proportion of monocytes. Aplastic anemia in children, treatment with corticosteroids particularly significant. Ning taking chloramphenicol and anemia, white blood cells or whole blood cells were reduced, and the effect of a cut speculation. Found out that there is a four appear, pre-leukemia should be considered but should be early treatment and do a comprehensive inspection, not the effect.
Leukemia (blood cancer) in the early performance of the key population is suffering from leukemia: radiation staff, and diphenyl Pa claw, methyl benzene and other chemicals in the long-term close contact with the staff, the long-term radiotherapy in the door. Lax protection of patients, compared with long-term use of chloramphenicol, phenylbutazone, Mali: rat choke, drugs such as cyclophosphamide for patients cool plastic, with a family history of juvenile leukemia. People should be particularly vigilant, if found to have these abnormalities, which should not hesitate, than to serious examination.

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