“A little cancer” of the early performance

By | April 8, 2012

"A little cancer" of the early performance, "a little cancer" is the process of cancer prevention in recent years, the emergence of new terminology. The so-called "a little cancer" refers to the small size of the cancer, if "a little cancer" as a pathological value, you will find the only remaining in the mucosa or skin cancer, the group has not infringed A pair of deep, can be considered "a little cancer" is newly formed near the new cancer .
"A little cancer" can be free from any clinical symptoms, which is difficult for the early detection of cancer, one of the reasons, in recent years, with a variety of cancers carrying out the census and found a lot of "a little cancer" patients, such as cervical cancer, one o'clock , stomach a little cancer, skin cancer, and so that those suffering through the regular treatment, generally to get cured.
Generally speaking, "a little cancer" patient's age, than the average age of cancer patients to '1 -10 years old. In other words, the development of cancer from the point clear of cancer, may require 1-10 years, the past 10 years, if not careful physical examination is difficult to believe that early hair experts, 50 – 60 years as the majority of cancer rate peak age, 40 years old to be "a little cancer" peak age. Therefore,
"A little cancer" of the early performance of the physicians warned: 40-year-old middle-aged man, usually a health check should be noted, early detection of solar energy "a little cancer", be nipped in the bud stage.

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