Lack of sleep is apt to cause cancer

By | October 16, 2011

Health stresses "third tone, it points to support" refers to disorders when the body is dirty though with a special food, health products or drugs, nursed back to health can play a role, but it points needed to sleep through the day, diet, emotions, sports, etc. to develop good habits, so that the body to restore balance and maintain balance. Doctors Qing Li Yu has pointed out that "good health tips, when to sleep precedence. Sleep can also fine, sleep can raise gas, sleep can be beneficial Xiao spleen, bone strong gluten can sleep." People often say that "drugs make up less Sibu, Sibu make better sense. "people to conform to the law of nature, follow the sun, that day woke up I woke up, the day to sleep I slept, lastly, in habits, not to act against the sun the eye. "Yellow Emperor", saying "people lying by the attribution of self-dry." Liver and blood, blood, the liver can not return to the blood, then impossible to remove toxic blood, fresh blood if it can not, not blood nourishing the human body organs , easily imbalance Erzhi disease.
Lack of sleep caused by the tumor it?
After the U.S. health research conducted by Harvard University found that lack of sleep or irregular would risk colon cancer, breast cancer , the risk of heart disease or diabetes, hit big. Other research organizations throughout the United States then found a possible explanation for the relationship between this material factors, such as sleep disruption associated with these diseases may affect the important hormones into the body protein, so lack of sleep lead to tumors. While several studies found that people who work late at night You Qirong susceptibility to breast and colon cancer, the researchers found that the explanation for this finding, receiving the light at night reduces melatonin levels. Melatonin is thought to reduce the level of by other hormones (such as estrogen influence the risk of causing cancer. Scientists have found that melatonin can inhibit the growth of tumor cells drunk. If the people at night time exposure to light, melatonin produced generally reduced, will increase the risk of cancer.
Lack of sleep caused by the tumor it? Lack of sleep or stay up late will disrupt the body's biological clock, many basic body functions can not keep pace. Lack of sleep can interfere with the body's physiological functions of the top, there is no physiological function for human behavior to adapt to this Section.

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