Early stage breast cancer

By | October 16, 2011

Early stages of breast cancer by two criteria: one is to of breast lobular carcinoma in situ and ductal carcinoma in situ; less than 5 mm in diameter, small invasive carcinoma (sub-clinical cancer); less than 1 cm in diameter, degree of local activities, no axillary lymph nodes and other micro-classified as early stage breast cancer. However, the Tianjin Municipal People's Hospital of the proposed element axillary lymph node metastasis; primary cancer as non-specific cancer, as long as no more than 1 cm in diameter; or the original out as a special type of cancer, as long as its diameter does not exceed 3 cm who were classified as early stage cancer.
Early stage breast cancer, in general, some early breast cancer patients can not have any discomfort, because there is no mass or lump can be small and, therefore easily be overlooked. So Do not give up breast physical examination no abnormal symptoms. Although patients with early breast cancer are also some not yet been able to touch the breast tumor specific, but always locally discomfort, especially absolute. Menstruating women, breast side sometimes feel slight pain and discomfort; or the side of the upper body heaviness, soreness is not, and even pull and the side arm; or the side of the bloody or serous nipple overflow liquid; or Department of nipple and areola are small pieces of wet-like lesions of Shakespeare, Kang bad nipple and areola with mild edema; or touched the breast glands have small pieces of the Ministry of thickening; or breast skin of a small depression, such as small "dimple"; or suffering benign breast disease in the near future there is significant change in symptoms and signs, such as breast swelling and pain disappeared and replaced by the cyclical persistence, no cyclical changes in the mass, and there is the tendency of increasing; or small axillary touch mass and so on.
Early stage breast cancer, these changes are probably a number of breast lesions occurred signs of the Ministry should pay close attention. Especially when you are a breast cancer "risk groups", that is, the following one or several, such as early menarche, late menopause; 35 years of age without a child or first child over the age of 35; matrilineal ( mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, etc.) a family history of breast cancer; benign breast history; contralateral breast cancer history, etc., on these small changes in symptoms and signs have to redouble our vigilance. Because the general view that "high risk" the risk of breast cancer than the general population 2 to 4 times higher, so more needs extra attention.

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