Insomnia patients with cancer

By | January 20, 2012

Cancer, insomnia, insomnia is common for cancer patients in terms of a phenomenon, and some are very serious in patients with insomnia.Although the cause of insomnia is complex and diverse, but their most fundamental reason is the fear from the disease, fear and anxiety and other psychological.Therefore, insomnia, cancer patients should pay attention to do the following:
(1)psychological counseling patients to do the work so that it can correctly understand the disease and establish the confidence to overcome the disease.Make them clearly understand that: anxiety, fear of the disease not only negative, but make the disease worse.
(2)to correct the patient pace of life, the law of confusion of life, according to hospital and the treatment of specific conditionsschedule arranged so that rules of daily life again.Do not formed during the day and sleep at night insomnia sleep this perversion of the law of the phenomenon.
(3)before going to bed not thinking and emotion, do not drink strong tea and coffee before going to sleep, in order to ensure the quality of sleep, reduce nighttime urination at night and do not drink too much.Bedtime to relax and prepare well before going to bed, such as brushing teeth, feet and other bubbles.
       (4) insomnia for cancer patients to create a good sleep environment, the environment to be quiet and turn off lights, beds and bedding should be comfortable.
       (5)For more severe cases of insomnia can be applied as appropriate sedation, sleeping pills to induce and promote sleep.

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