Cancer patients on diet

By | January 20, 2012

       Cancer patients including ordinary food diet, soft diet, semi-liquid diet and liquid diet for4types.
       Normal diet is diet, which is the same with the normal diet, the diet requires no special restrictions on, then3meals a day.
       Soft finger is soft, easy to digest, non-irritating, with less fiber foods such as soft rice, noodles, steamed bread, steamed buns, dumplings, ravioli, etc.4meals a day.
Semi-liquid diet means the food is semi-fluid-based, non-dietary fiber, easy to swallow and digest, such as thick porridge, milk, rotten noodles, a total will be steamed bread, steamed eggs, pure and so on, smaller meals a day at least5meals.
Liquid diet is all the food are fluid, easy to digest, easier to swallow, such as rice soup, vegetable soup, milk, soy milk, broth, chicken soup and so on.Each250 – 300when at least6meals a day.During treatment, as patients need to take the form of what kinds of basic diet, should be a medical decision based on the patient's specific condition.
The treatment of cancer patients diet doctors diet is based on patients suffering from different diseases, or diseases in which the different stages and times, or to implement some of the special diagnostic and treatment measures developed for specific diet formulations found in patients with this particular diet formula The characteristics of the pathophysiology of illness diagnosis and treatment or to meet the needs of its patients with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are active supporting role.Diet therapy is widely used in clinical practice, involving a wide range of many species.Including: high-protein diet composition to adjust diet, low fat diet, low cholesterol diet, low salt, no salt, low-pot, high charge, low bait, high fiber diet; have designed for different diseases, such as diet recipes Hyperlipidemia diet, gastrointestinal disease diet, eating hepatitis, liver cirrhosis diet, renal diet, diabetic diet.For cancer patients in terms of both the general requirements of cancer patients diet, but also when the cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment diet.
Diet is the main source of supply of human nutrition, which in cancer patients during treatment and rehabilitation plays a very important position, most of the cancer patients with different degrees of malnutrition, but malnutrition is not conducive to the treatment of patients with cancer rehabilitation.Therefore, cancer patients have to pay attention to nutritional supplement, to improve the nutritional status of the body, improve the body's disease resistance and ability to withstand treatment.Cancer patients the overall requirements of the principles of nutrition, is to ensure adequate supply of nutritional needs, eat easy to digest and absorb vitamin-rich fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meat, eggs, nutrition classes.To note the diversity of diet, do not eat smoked, fried, grilled, fat system of food, too hot and salty excellent mildew, food difficult to digest, especially after eat a number of scientific research has confirmed the role of anti-cancer and enhance immune function of food, and pay attention to Eat small meals often, regular meals.In addition, nutritional support of patients asked to give, pay attention to encourage patients to eat, increase the appetite of patients, to improve the dining environment.For the loss of chewing, swallowing, and digestive function in patients with intact nasal feeding diet should be taken, and when not achieve nutritional recovery of gastrointestinal function and maintenance requirements, should be with total parenteral nutrition.
 (1)supply adequate protein and energy, to maintain nitrogen balance, multi-containing high-quality protein foods such as eggs, beans, poultry, milk and its products, and honey and carbohydrate-rich foods to supplement the heat.
(2)eat vitamin C-rich fresh vegetables and fruits, select foods rich in vitamin A, such as egg yolk, cod liver oil, butter, animal liver, and the plant Hanhuluoka prime-rich foods, such as high bamboo leaves , carrots, tomatoes, sweet potato, etc.; use vitamin E-rich foods such as cabbage, bamboo shoots high, vegetable oil and so on.
(3)more food by increasing immune function, such as mushrooms, mushrooms, edible fungus, white fungus, etc.; many have anti-tumor effect with the food, such as mustard, day lily, Hui political benevolence, taro, water chestnut and so on.
(4)Multi steaming, boiling, stewing and so on, eat less fried, fried food; avoid eating non-digestible food, attention to food color, smell, taste deployed to increase the patient's appetite.
(5)If the response to chemotherapy or radiotherapy when the large, poor appetite, concurrent oral ulcer, esophageal go far, so those who can not eat, dietary factors can be added complex amino acid nasal feeding or intravenous fluids.
"Cancer patients will increase nutrition to accelerate the growth of tumor cells, or even increased recurrence and metastasis of opportunities", this statement is not correct, there is no any scientific basis.Nutritional support in cancer patients is the need for disease treatment and rehabilitation is to ensure implementation of various therapeutic measures.Do the same as, cancer patients need to consume every day, some nutrition, coupled with the growth of consumption and cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatments caused a lot of wear and tear, so cancer patients need not only nutrition, but also the nutritional needs of a more normal much more.If you do not attach importance to cancer patients on nutritional support and complement bound to lead to malnutrition, physical decline, can not afford the surgery or postoperative complications caused by an increase, so that patients can not complete the treatment of tumors, and more effective treatment, the clinical cure rate of decline in mortality.On the contrary, if the tumors of patients with attention to nutritional support and supplement, the body can improve the nutritional status of patients at the same time, not only does not promote tumor growth, but can inhibit cancer, enhance immune function, and can effective coordination and subjected to various treatment measures to ensure the therapeutic effect and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and prolong survival.Cancer patients diet, at present, the international in the treatment of malignant tumors, nutritional support has surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy an important adjuvant treatment means, so that patients do not have too many concerns.

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