TCM treatment of cancer not ea

By | January 20, 2012

"Taboos" and "hair thing" in TCM theory is the more stringent requirements, but also has its grain of truth.Chinese medicine stresses the syndrome differentiation, disease identified "yin and yang, exterior and interior, cold and heat actual situation", treatment principle is "to heat the cold, to cool the heat, then fill the empty, but in reality the diarrhea."Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, "eat" all the right cards, do not meet the condition of patients belong to the drug and food taboos.Such as a heat syndrome patients, only the bitter cold of the goods or Ganliang suitably equal food, but must avoid meat, dog meat, pepper, ginger and other hot foods.

TCM treatment of cancer, "eat" in the "hair thing" means that allergic diseases induced or exacerbated by the material, which is mainly directed against asthma, urticaria, and some other allergic diseases, called "hair thing" most of the is seafood, such as fish, shrimp, crab and so on, because these foods contain a body of the opposite sex can cause allergic protein.In summary, for the "taboos" can not not speak, but speaking must be reasonable.Such as cancer patients and see fever, Gu Zheng, hot flashes, hot hand, foot and heart, as well as dry mouth and throat, virtual trouble insomnia, night sweats, red tongue, little coating, pulse breakdown, etc. Xure the card, you should eat watermelon, fruit and cool, Diabetes, Chufan food, avoid, food spicy, greasy thing; such as chronic illness weakness, especially in chemotherapy patients, because the spleen yang trapped stomach, eating boring, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach is not satisfied, spleen weakness rot Valley, no fine can be deployed to the Yin deficiency should avoid hot Xin, Hong Shangyin of dry food.The spread in some areas that "cancer patients can not eat chicken, chicken fat objects", this statement is no scientific basis.The current study also found that because chicken is not a result of cases of cancer recurrence, but could not find effective treatment for chicken or cause exacerbations basis.Chinese medicine: chicken tepid, Gan Ping, with the temperature, the Qi, complement fine, add the power cord is the rule Consumption win thin, the virtual stomach to stay eat less, diarrhea, weakness after illness to share, and Doctors believe the chicken is a nutritious food, consistent with the nutritional needs of cancer patients in the diet.
TCM treatment of cancer, "eat" tea daily life must be of the goods, tea is not only a enjoy and appropriate tea on human health is also very useful.Chinese medicine, tea has a clear head, with the exception polydipsia, phlegm, digestion, diuretic, detoxifying effect.The modern medical research shows that tea has high-level nerve center of excitement, so that the spirit of excitement, active thinking, the role of fatigue; tea may diuretic swelling; tea can be antibacterial anti-inflammatory; tea can reduce the radiation of the radiation damage; Tea is also against the dangers of smoking.The terms of the cancer patients, tumor suppressor tea contains substances, especially green tea, with cancer and improve the body immunity.Therefore, proper tea cancer patients is certainly beneficial to the body.Tea should be light as well, do not drink tea.Also note that tea contains organic acids, can impede the vitamins, nutrition and drug absorption, especially when taking Chinese medicines, it is best not to drink tea; for gas in patients with blood loss, but also not appropriate to drink tea.In addition, poor sleep, insomnia patients should not be more than tea, in particular, do not drink tea at night.

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