The physical problems of cancer patients notes

By | January 20, 2012

"When men and marriage, a girl, once married," which is human nature, but also physical, life must be.Speaking to young cancer patients, their marriage is an issue of common concern.So, cancer patients can actually get married?This issue should be treated differently.China's Marriage Law does not have cancer patients restrictions against marriage, as long as consensual, and in accordance with relevant provisions of the Marriage Law procedures, cancer patients can also enter the marriage hall.However, marriage is a marriage is, not as a joke.Therefore, for young cancer patients, even more should correctly view and handle this matter.Cancer patients physiological considerations, we all know, cancer treatment is a need for quite a long time process, in the process, from the patient's mental, physical, economic, family and other aspects of the situation, are not suitable marriage, including patients received consolidation therapy.Only when the tumor completely cured, cancer-free survival over5years in good health, a comprehensive physical examination no abnormality was found, and even have returned to normal work in patients, with the approval of a doctor's consent before they can consider the love marriage.There are few places in China to "marriage joyous, French Gui evil disease" approach is unscientific, is very harmful.Disease cure is not to hastily married, and even having children, which not only increase the burden on the patient's thinking, in patients with excessive consumption of energy, strength, influence their treatment and prognosis, but also will bring some serious social problems, should be a warning.Cancer patients marriage, must be based on their own, but also a responsible attitude to each other before marriage should frankly tell each other the real condition, do the happy family life, marriage, relationship harmony is very important, but also a tumor removal of the sex organs or affect the image (such as: prostate cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer, etc.), often have an inferiority complex, resulting in no sexual desire, even of disgust.In essence, sexual dysfunction in cancer patients the most fundamental reason is the psychological factor of the decision.Therefore, we have to pay attention to concerns of patients discharged, so that they understand the physical state of moderate to allow conditions of life, not only will not affect the disease treatment and rehabilitation on the contrary, appropriate sexual life is an integral part of rehabilitation, it can the patient back fond memories of past, vision for the future and restore confidence in life, to return to the original life of their own to experience the beauty of life and fun.Secondly, we must pay attention to guiding cancer patients who changed sexual behavior, especially for those who remove the organs and the impact of those images.Refers to sexual intercourse is not simply that it includes all sexual desire can obtain the behavior of sexual pleasure, such as touching, kissing, talking, sex and so considerate way of life.The most important thing is the understanding between husband and wife, understanding and emotional exchanges.Benefit from the rehabilitation of patients in the future for further treatment.
Pregnant cancer patients can not issue birth and breast-feeding young female cancer patients is the concern.On this issue should have a correct understanding.Cancer patients is not completely cured before, and definitely not pregnant, if the tumor found in the pregnancy, termination of pregnancy should be promptly, if the approaching birth, cesarean section or induction of labor should be immediately after tumor treatment, to ensure maternal safe and therapeutic effect.Pregnancy, cancer patients will not only affect the nutritional, physical, and during pregnancy, endocrine and immune function changes can promote cancer cell growth, or even recurrence and metastasis, is not conducive to the treatment of cancer patients and rehabilitation.Meanwhile, the application of anticancer drugs can also cause miscarriage, premature delivery and fetal malformation.
Cancer patients physiological considerations, sexual behavior is one of the most basic human biology, human beings are born with instincts, but also the essential requirements of human physiology, the saying goes, "emotions in everyone."Appropriate sexual life can not only make people full of confidence and hope in life, but also promote the harmonious marital relations, family life happy.So, in terms of cancer patients, depending on whether sex will have specific circumstances.In the tumor during treatment, the patient's body generally weak, nutrition consumption of large, and mental and psychological factors influence the general should not have sex, if forced sex, sex life is not only unpleasant, not psychologically meet, but also make the disease worse.The rehabilitation process of the disease, the patient in stable condition, physical recovery is better in health permitting, you can enjoy the fun of sex without fear of cancer due to sex and sexual transmitted to the other party or for life increase or recurrence of the disease, but a good sex life should pay attention to moderate.The so-called moderate, after having sex means that he has no sense of fatigue, discomfort, if felt very weak after sex, or the next day Touyunnaozhang, listlessness, weak waist and other feelings, was excessive.Over-indulgence will be beverages, must be restrained, otherwise, the adverse condition.
Cancer patients are often due to fear of cancer and the fear of sexual intercourse, the tumor will be transmitted to the spouse, fear of sex will promote tumor recurrence, is not conducive to treatment and other factors, led to loss of libido, especially in the treatment of cancer caused due to fetal abnormalities.Therefore, from a medical point of view, should not discourage pregnant women reproductive cancer patients, although breast cancer, better treatment of choriocarcinoma, the cure is entirely possible, but also to cure the tumor more than5years, The inspection does no signs of recurrence and metastasis, and patients with normal reproductive function, with the approval of a doctor agreed to only after considering pregnancy fertility.Guan Yu breastfeeding problems, if the tumor found during breastfeeding, you should immediately stop feeding, the reason not only because of breastfeeding can increase the patient's nutritional consumption, lower body, and breast-feeding will bring changes in hormone levels, for cancer patients adverse treatment.In addition, even if the complete cure of tumor growth than5years in patients with pregnancy, the mother's body in order to reduce the burden, to avoid breast-feeding due to changes in hormone levels of adverse effects on the body recovery, it is best not to breastfeed.
Cancer patients physiological considerations, in particular, breast cancer patients cured, due to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are likely to lead to tumor recurrence, should be cautious.

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