How to prevent oral cancer

By | December 21, 2011

We already know people susceptible to various factors of oral cancer, so as to prevent the occurrence of oral cancer, it is necessary to eliminate these factors from the start. Specifically, how to prevent oral cancer generally have the following aspects:
(1) quit smoking, no drinking, eating living a regular, moderate. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, do not eat moldy food, especially the long home moldy peanuts and grain. Balanced intake of various nutrients. People doing things to be generous, open-minded mind, and keep an optimistic mood.
(2) how to prevent oral cancer, try to avoid and reduce the harmful physical, chemical and biological factors (variety of bacteria, virus infection) for their damage. Must contact the appropriate protective measures should be taken.
(3) pay attention to oral hygiene, timely treatment of residual bad teeth and oral mucosal disease, do not wear inappropriate dentures.
(4) active detection and treatment of various facial and oral abnormalities.
(5) regular self-examination, suspicious timely medical treatment.
In short, how to prevent oral cancer, oral cancer and a variety of factors, which have common pathogenic factors, has its own different and unique factors. Some of these unique factors that we have made it clear, such as residual bad teeth, dentures and so easy to lead to inappropriate tongue, cheek carcinoma; oral buccal mucosal disease often lead to cancer, tongue, floor of mouth cancer; prolonged exposure to excessive ultraviolet radiation, smoking, easily lead to lip cancer. Some causes of morbidity still unclear, but as long as we recognize and put into action, we can maximize the prevention of oral cancer. It should be emphasized in the prevention of oral cancer, the regular self-examination is extremely important. Japanese scholars found that less than 2 per 100 cm of tongue cancer patients, only 22 individuals are found and find their own doctors, and the remaining 78 people may think that they only had glossitis or tongue becomes rough point, but disagree do not see a doctor to see or use some of their drugs, lost access to a valuable opportunity to better treatment outcomes. Thus, the majority of oral cancer is the ability to own at an early stage by the patient to obtain treatment that healed.

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